the world's mountainous terrains, including K2, K3 and Grosborough; all are connected through the valley.steemCreated with Sketch.

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the valley of Gilgit-Baltistan is an example of beauty
These towers throw thousands of aspects around the globe every year. Some people have lost their lives in the attempts to head the standing population.






After the Jaklot on the Krakarkam Highway, a narrow road goes to Sukkur. During a seven-hour journey, a lot of chains, springs and local people are greeted with the advent.

The old wood bridge constructed on the Indus Sindh soon after reaching a shanghai. This is where, where Ashar Aslam, chairman of the Shanghai Resorts, built the beautiful world between the mountains of this incident.

The village is a bullock, where the crystal clear water of Kochora Lake is surrounded by old dramatic trees.

The sun's rising care behind the mountains is a conspiracy. This was the first time, I saw such serial dimensions during Sindh

During different seasons, changes in Indus River vary during the fall during the fall of Ferozzi water and summer during the summer.

According to the Tibetan myths, Sindh surrounded the lion's mouth, so it is also known as 'Lion River' (Lion River).

Then see the Khoropo Fort Mountains, this construction is 600 years old. This was made by Bali ruler Ali Sher Khan Ankan.

Once considered illegal, the fort is now fighting for survival against time. But through the flies, the skins also maintain its beauty. At the end of the entire moon, the valley of valley valley is a viewpoint that is difficult to remember.

The Katan village also is known as sandy monster, cold desert, is a surprise in itself. Strong clouds change pills as well as cohesions. In this high altitude and cold area, this desert holds a strange passion.




"mountainous trains" or terrains?

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That's s beautiful place thanks for sharing the history and the story with us!!🌻


the beauty of nature

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Very Nice Post Thanks For Posting Pakistan Beauty @shahzaib And Mast Edit the valley of Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan is an example of beauty .. Resteemed

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Very nice photos, I would have liked for them to be a bit larger. I'm able to admire and appreciate them more when they are properly scaled.

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Great shots and nice to see your post, upped.

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