The Best "Dog" Photos Of 2018 Have Been Announced. And They will Give You All The Feels.

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#1 Dog Photographer Of The Year 2018 Overall Winner And Oldies Category 1st Place Winner, "Monica Van Der Maden", "Netherlands"dog-photographer-of-the-year-2018-winners-the-kennel-club-1-5b5197783d276__700.jpg
#2 The" Dogs At Play Category" 1st Place Winner (Elinor Roizman), Israel.
#3 Puppies Category 3rd Place Winner" Robyn Pope", United States Of Americadog-photographer-of-the-year-2018-winners-the-kennel-club-6-5b5197818fc7a__700.jpg
#4 Puppies Category 1st Place Winner( Klaus Dyba), "Germany"

#5 The Dogs At Play Category 2nd Place Winner Steffi Cousins, "United Kingdom."
#6 Man’s Best Friend 3rd Place Winner Cheryl Murphy, United Kingdom.
#7 Oldies Category. 2nd Place Winner Rachele Z. Cecchini, Austria.
#8 I Love these Dogs. Because… (Ages 12 To 17) 1st Place Winner Tamara Kedves, Hungary.

#9 Portrait 3rd Place Winner Michael M Sweeney, "United Kingdom".
#10 Judges’ Special Mention Dogs. At Play Category Alice Loder and United Kingdom.

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