Parisian, Visits the Fake Paris In China. And It Makes Him Speechless.

in dtube •  last year 

China and Paris seems so, far apart, but thanks to this Parisian photographer, now we can see they are really connected. China has built its own replica of Paris and it’s called Tianducheng. It has own Eiffel Tower, copies of Parisian parks and architecture, everything is recreated to look just like the real Paris. Initially a luxurious residency for around 10,000 people. it has long remained a deserted ghost city. But things are changing. Parisian photographer Francois Proust went there for his photo project "The Paris Syndrome" in which he took many photos of Tianducheng, and presented them side-by-side with photos of the real Paris. These photos show us that an entire city can be copied almost identically which makes you wonder, is there anything that cannot be replicated..?

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