Everyone Is Applauding "This National Geographic" Cover. But The Real Shock Lies Inside The Pages.

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The new issue of "National Geographic" will feature a campaign about plastic waste.
Many of us are aware that there is far too much plastic in our environment.

We all feel a little guilty, when throwing plastic straight into the trash, knowing that we are contributing to a problem that is too vast for us to truly comprehend.
But what if we were faced with the horrifying consequences of our plastic addiction.?
These powerful and heartbreaking images vividly illustrate the damage that 9 million tonnes of plastic waste each year does to our environment and wildlife.!!
That is one of the aims of the iconic magazine’s campaign as they seek to change the ways consumers use plastic.
Because every change, no matter how futile it may seem, helps at some level.
The magazine itself is leading by example, beginning to send out their editions in paper instead of plastic.
The campaign has identified plastic bags, bottles and straws as problematic products.
Will you take the pledge..?

“Each and every day, our explorers, researchers and photographers in the field witness firsthand the devastating impact of single-use plastic on our oceans, and the situation is becoming increasingly dire”
China is the largest producer of plastic—it accounts for more than a quarter of the global total—much of it exported to the world.
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