These Tulip Photos Will Make You Want To Visit the Country, The Netherlands

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#1 I have Been Wanting To Capture Tulips In The Morning With Some Mist On The Field For Years. This Year I Finally Managed To Do It And I Consider, It One Of My Best Tulip Shots To DateDSC02665-Edit-Edit-5aeb6b089575e__880.jpg
#2 I Captured This Unique Shot When, I Was About To Leave When I Was Done Photographing In The Evening
#3 I Love Photographing. The Tulips With Dark Skies. Especially Red Vs Deep Blue Is A Great Color Combination.
#4 The Individual Lines In These Tulip Fields Are Great To Use As Leading Lines In A Photo, and From The Ground, These Fields Look Endless!!!
#5 This Was Captured By A Drone. A Very Wide Tulip Field Leading Into The Distance, Almost Like An Arrow
#6 There Are A Lot Of Windmills And Wind Turbines In The Netherlands, Because It’s Always Windy!
#7 By Flying The Drone Over These Fields We See Visuals. That Are Almost Abstract. They Look Like A Carpet!
#8 Red Tulips During That Misty Morning. Look Up Close To The Tulips In Front And You Can See The Dew Drops On Them. I Love Being Out Early To See These Flowers Like This.

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Stunning photos by @sems41

Did you ever seen Netherlands , Beautiful country !!!
if you get chance don't miss that.@mikeebutt

@Matt Letch
@Just For Sharing
@Golgo 13
Thank you all to appreciate to me !!!