Walk with me ~ The Blue Nile

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Hey my friends,

When I first got to Khartoum, I was so excited to see the Nile. First time I crossed one of the bridges over it, I felt amazing.

Soon after that, after I settled, I went to the bus stop and asked people if the bus that was there goes to the Nile. They started laughing cuz the Nile surrounds the city. hihihi.

Khartoum is in fact where the (narrower) Blue Nile meets the (wider) White Nile and together they become the great Nile. It actually is so wide at some areas that if you stand on one bank, you can't see the other. The locals call it the Nile sea cuz of that...

So they asked where I wanna go, I answered I just wanna see the river! So I took two buses but it actually was a good choice of a place. I got off behind this tower by another bridge.


The breeze was awesome. And the view, breath-taking!


It was a perfect moment for a selfie, don't you think?


I think all the people in boats, fishermen or tourists knew it's my first time there, hihihi, cuz I was standing on the edge of the bridge and taking too many photos or just sitting there and enjoying the view...




You can get a ferry and go for a ride just for fun, just move around while eating/drinking something and listening to music that they play.


More selfies were required, lol.



Just sitting there looking at the endless river while listening to the birds singing beautiful songs you're not familiar with makes you forget all your troubles.


This guy was actually hard to catch on camera. I did it like a sniper, took a photo of where he would be not where he is at the moment of shooting. ;)


There are many docked boats there that are permanently attached to the shore and turned to cafes/restaurants.



When the sun set I got down to check those cafes, they're beautiful at night.


It's fun to sit in one of those cafes while they're rocking, esp. when a big boat passes by. It's so relaxing.



If you ever come here (for a short vacation, lol), you must try not Sudanese but Eritrean coffee. It's quite delicious, and you can't get enough, esp. with the waitress refilling that little cup every time you finish drinking it. (& I don't know why, but they serve popcorn with it.)


Thank you for sharing this walk with me. I hope you really enjoyed it and it added something special to your day. Let me know. ;)

See you later...


Please upvote, resteem, comment and stuff...


Much love and light!! Have a nice day!

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@lyndsaybowes this is for you, my dear.

My goodness that was beautiful Wa'el!! I felt like I was right there with you, and thank you for showing us the night scenes too, a magical experience. I approve of all those awesome selfies!

The story about you asking for the bus to the Nile was hilarious. I could imagine the people's reaction hahaha.

Just sitting there looking at the endless river while listening to the birds singing beautiful songs you're not familiar with makes you forget all your troubles.

I loved that line! And this photo was my favourite, it turned out so clear, what an enormous bird, is it a crane? Or maybe a heron or stork?

I'm so glad you're back here posting again!


I'm really glad you like it & you could feel it. ^_^ You are welcome. And your approval made me happy. :D

I think it's a crane. But I'll show you the herons later. ;)

Don't forget to resteem, please. <3


I love you, @lyndsaybowes <3

I noticed nearly all the cars are white. That must be because Khartoum is the hottest capital city of the world. The year-round average is about 30 C. The average low is 15.6 C in January and 26.2 C in July. The average high is 30.7 C in January and 41.9 C in May. The daily year-round mean is 29.9 C. It's fucking hot nearly all the time which is why any other car color choice would be stupid.


41 in good days, my friend. I swear during May and June it was 50 during the NIGHT!! I saw it on the thermometer. Can you imagine how the breeze feels in such days?


That 50 at night must have been because the thermometer sensor was close to something hot. Not the ambient temperature. But yes, I can believe how oppressive such heat can get. It's like being forced to spend all day in a lukewarm sauna. lol


Maybe but I was in other countries where it was 40, and felt less hotter than here!!! I used to walk without a hat, no problem. But if I do that here I would get a quick headache and heat sickness. So it's def. close to that 50. I am not happy about that one bit...

What a wonderful experience of the Nile! Thank-you for sharing this with us ❤


Thank you and you're most welcome. ❤

I'm happy your journey has been good.
You cross my mind all the time and all I can do is pray that you are well.

I want to apologize, for a while I wasnt for some reason sure if it was actually you.
I know that must sound rediculous, but I let paranoia and fear consume me unfortunately.

I don't know how you've handled all you have with such a brightness and shine...

I find it difficult to traverse my own obstacles and they are in no way even slightly as stressful as those you have had to face.

I hope you can accept my apology.
All the best ~



My journey hasn't been that good, my friend. But everything has it's positivities. Thank you, I thought I'm crossing a nice place somewhere. ;)

It's been so hard here, but what can I do? It was supposedly the lesser of two evils. SO I'm still facing those difficulties you were talking about.

You don't need to apologize, my dear.

Love and light. <3


Yes I did need to apologize...
And I'm sorry its been tough, I just wish we could end all these wars and we could repair everything.

Its just truth and fiction are so blended into one its difficult to even discuss the situation.

It feels like the only healing path is focusing on children... It doesnt matter the complex situation, it just matters they do not have to endure horror anymore.

I wish we still get the chance to have video game costume events.

I have to be braver.