View of a Lifetime - Family Photography 📷

in #photography7 years ago (edited)

Taken with a Sony A7RM2 with a 16-35mm Zeiss by @runrudy

When I think of holidays, I think about family. This image was taken at a small park in Japan. It is the first day that all six grand-kids were together. If you look close, you can see Bachan (slang for Japanese Grandma) sitting in the shade enjoying the view of her lifetime.

Hopefully, someday my wife and I can be so lucky.

Day 28 of 365 in a Newborn Baby's Life

Here's lucky grandchild #7 for the daily portrait and future timelapse:

Thanks for following along with us.

Here are my last three posts just in case you missed it.


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Beautiful shots.

Beautiful flowers

Great shot, there are no better subjects than grandchildren.

Cool flowers!!

I advise you to see my blog @hardphotographer!

Beautiful photo @runrudy

The first photo looks like a nice place.

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