Harajuku Girl - Original Tokyo Street Photography 📷

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All taken with my Sony A7RM2 with a 90mm by @runrudy

Took this image on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. This is a major fashion district and tourist spot in Tokyo. You get to see lots of cosplay outfits and current fashion trends. A must visit when in Tokyo.

I had to photograph this gal. This is exactly how my mind and eyes saw it. Everything just went monochrome and she just stood out of the crowd.

Day 27 of 365 in a Newborn Baby's Life

Here's the daily portrait of the baby for future timelapse:

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Here are my last three posts just in case you missed it.


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All images © 2017 Rudy Gonzales. All rights reserved.


Love the effect. Really brings the picture to life.

I wanted to highlight her. She was so full of color, I think it came out pretty good.


Wonderful splash!

Thanks alot @dswigle! Glad you liked it. Have a great week.

Great photos! That last one looks like you are about to get stampeded by the crowd :)

thanks @fiftysixnorth. I happened just like you said on that last image.

Inspiring photos. I can't describe how talented this is! 😍

I am glad you liked them @themessup. I appreciate the kind words. Very motivating to me. Cheers!

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I see exactly what your saying, she stands out, awesome shot Rudy! Kiss the girls for me!

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