Light Painting - Original Long Exposure Photography 📷

in #photography7 years ago (edited)

Day 26 of 365 in a Newborn Baby's Life - Light Painting

I played with some long exposure and led lights for today's creative images. Hope you like them : )

All taken with my Sony A7RM2 with a 90mm by @runrudy

This one was my favorite:

My 2nd favorite:

Others that were fun:

Which one did you like best?

Here's the daily portrait of the baby for future timelapse:

Thanks for following along with us.

Here are my last three posts just in case you missed it.


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All images © 2017 Rudy Gonzales. All rights reserved.


Lovely light painting!

Thanks again @movievertigo. Much appreciated!

Nice work - I taught some friends in BKK how to light paint last Feb... nothing as good looking as yours w/ the colors!

Thank you! That means alot to me coming from you. Thanks @timelapse

love the 3rd pic the most!

thanks @englishtchrivy. glad you liked it and happy to share. see ya.

Very nice and creative.

thank you @team101. I am happy you liked them. : )

Which flashlight/led You uesed?

Small diodes LED will be good ?

I used some small leds I had in the house. I also used my cell phone to illuminate her face on some images. : )

Good work . Nice stuff - Keep it up

Thanks alot @khan101. Have a great week.

just amazing!
those effects make them more beauiful!

thank you @himal! I am glad you liked it. cheers!

you are welcome!

Wow Rudy can't say I have a favorite I love them all very very cool! I love how you put your girls first.. Family❤️

thank you @ceciro1218. Have a great sunday!

I made a great country breakfast that should last till dinner and I am out and about in mount airy again, they have the best food soda shop around! And I love to look at all the colorful shops enjoy your Sunday with your beautiful family!

this is so great , I see creativity in your photos , perfect !

Now this is really creative, great work Rudy!
Great gift for your daughter when she's older :)

a couple of those look like she is blowing digital chunks but I think the first two are worthy of a print for the house. Thanks @shieha!

actually i need to go back and work on that second one. I see some background noise that needs cleaning up. : )

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