Morning Tokyo Rush - Original Street Photography 📷

in #photography5 years ago (edited)

Taken with a Sony A7RM2 with a 16-35mm Zeiss by @runrudy

They moved like waves. The street was pretty empty three minutes before this shot. The last train must have just let out and this wall of people started bustling toward us. I was standing in the middle of the road and took a few shots. You can see all of the people looking up to the sky or down at their feet. I was that tourist that intruded into their morning with my camera. Yet, this is still one of my more memorable images from the trip.

I also like it in B/W.

Day 24 of 365 in a Newborn Baby's Life

Here's the daily portrait of the baby for future timelapse:

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Here are my last two post just in case you missed it.


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All images © 2017 Rudy Gonzales. All rights reserved.


nice photos. I remember people were running in the morning rush when i just woke up to look for breakfast

we were with our kids but they did very well with the crowds. More like the crowds did very well with them. We never got bumped or pushed. pretty amazing how in such a dense populated area they keep it so well organized. I guess you could call it, organized chaos.

Yes they are very tidy and organized, that's why the city can accommodate so many people. Also no chaos when in a long queue to buy things

Right, it would have to be organized and the people all need to have respect for each other for it to work so smoothly. Pretty incredible.

I miss the crowds. Thanks for more pics.

There is lots of energy in that city. Thanks @feelsomoon

Color version looks natural for me 8)

Thanks. I think so too. See ya.

Nice pictures :) upvoted it!

i like your post very much! very good pic ! really

I like your post! Very good photos! Upvote and resteem :)

Very much appreciated @rtdcs. I'll check out your blog.

Hi, i'm new here. You can check my posts about food, travel and random stuff. Follow me and i'll follow you back, enjoy!! :)

I liked your tokyo pictures. especially the shibuya street photo. welcome to steemit @kkkttt05!

Very good
followed , upvoted

I am glad you liked it @ahmedezzat! Thank you it is much appreciated!

You're welcome
Can you check out my blog ?

Just did and upvoted. cheers!

I love the photo! I'm getting an x100s today, hopefully my photos will come out as good as these!

Hi lovi000, what is a x100s?

It's the best camera I can afford right now X) it's a fujifilm knockoff of leica. 35 mm prime lens, film control layout, and a 16 mp aps-c sensor in a compact body.

I dig the monochrome version a lot! It looks almost like a zombie horde marching to work, I know the Japanese are very hard working people :)

funny. the title of the image on my computer is zombie walk. you nailed it. I was going to make that my title but didn't want to offend anyone. : )

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