Bitcoin Roller Coaster - Macro Photography

in #photography7 years ago (edited)

Taken with a Sony A7RM2 with a 90mm by @runrudy

Hello my fellow Steemians,

This is just a 'fingers crossed' post for tomorrow's big day.

I'm ready to ride this roller coaster with you guys. Let's buckle up!

Wishing everyone big gains and all the best,

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Thank you in advance everyone!




All images © 2017 Rudy Gonzales. All rights reserved.


Ready for a bull run

Yes sir, I have been making money trading crypto all this week. Hope you have also. Cheers @djohan

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Neat picture! What did you do with your coins? Put them safely behind private keys or on exchange and get your hands on some BCC? Or something else!

I took the risk and left them on bittrex. Happy to find my bitcoin cash that sold too early, $450. Didn't know it was going to break $1000! Oh well, can't complain about free money. See ya @sjennon

I still had them at 1000 but I was at work and missed that train, haha. I eventually sold them around 500 too, I think.

I still have some left and will either wait and hope for it to go up again, or sell it for some steem.

I don't own any btc yet but I'll be cheering on from afar, all the best! Also, I've been looking for those Bitcoin minted sliver/gold coins, any advise on where I can obtain? Thx!

Bought the coin on ebay for like $10. Fun to have something tangible. Keep up the great photography. Really enjoying. Cheers @kuenok.

I've recently started stacking and its so addictive! Thank you for checking out my photos, much appreciating the support :)

Looking professional :) I think Bitcoin Cash will hover around the price of ZCash - in fact, it will be lower, as it doesn't offer transaction obfuscation.

Pretty darn close. Nice price prediction for being 9 days ago!

Haha, thank you, but it's still higher than ZCash - I think that with time, this will change. Especially if ZCash forks out too, to offer bigger block size :)

Ah, yes so did I! However I should've had a closer eye because it crossed 1000 and i managed to sell some for around 600 or 500 I think.

I still have some left. Unsure of the potential, but maybe in a year it does something.

Free money indeed!

I imagine you're feeling pretty good about the current price. Hopefully, you set yourself up well. I wish I had had a little more confidence that things would go this smoothly. Oh well.

This week's Amidakuji is up. Cast a vote if you have the time.

exactly! Thanks @nzfxtrader

Hi Rudy I've missed your posts and hearing about your girls in your life I hope everything is ok thinking of you and your family 😊

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