The Real Face Of India - Episode 46

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The Real Face Of India - Episode#46

I believe that India is the most beautiful country in the world. In this series I show the real face of beautiful India.

Half Dozen Photos of Natural Beauties

enter image description here
Pumpkin Plant

enter image description here
Winds blow through jute seedlings

enter image description here
Jute seedlings

enter image description here
A narrow passage through green

enter image description here
Harvesting Pumpkin Plants

Telephone post in the crop field

Snap taken : 19 June 2017
Camera : Helio, Model : S-2

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[To be continued ….]

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It is dude, being Indian the first thing that make me feel proud. I have tried to promote Indian languages(specially Hindi) here because I think the culture and beauty of the India can be better explain in Hindi. By the way nice post, showing the agricultural biodiversity of India.

Yes I agree with you. I'm trying to focus on Bengali language. Every weekend I go to rural areas and take snapshots then share here.
Thank you :D

I have the sensation of smelling the fresh aromas of the herbs, that wonderful smell that does not compare with anything, thank you very much dear friend @royalmacro for rpovocar with your images those sensations
I wish you a great day

many many thanks for your comment my friend :)

This is the best awesome shots its really incredible to explore :)

I agree but some areas in India are very polluted.

yes, you're right.

The words about India are indeed true .It is indeed a fascinating country !
The nature is indeed beautiful and nicely taken images buddy !

thank you rehan12

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