The Real Face Of India - Episode 42

in #photography6 years ago

The Real Face Of India - Episode#42

I believe that India is the most beautiful country in the world. In this series I show the real face of beautiful India.

Half Dozen Photos of Natural Beauties

enter image description here

enter image description here
cobweb on leaf

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here
Jute seedlings

Snap taken : 19 June 2017
Camera : Helio, Model : S-2

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[To be continued ….]

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You just captured gorgeous green beauty of indian land.
Just check out my macro work here, hopw you would like it.
Thanks for sharing!

Maybe not "the most" but it is trully beautiful!!

i wish one day i could travel to the india too <3

I used the word "most", because, it's my motherland :)
Thank you for your compliments :)

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Very great green pictures:) One day I could travel to the India too :)

You're most welcome to our country :)

beautiful images dear friend @royalmacro, congratulations on the beautiful capture, to look had the sensation of feeling the smell of fresh nature brought by the breeze of the wind. a beautiful sensation
thank you very much dear friend, for sharing these beautiful photos
I wish you a beautiful weekend

I'm happy to hear that you liked those photos my firend. Many many thanks :)

really INDIA is so beautiful country in all respects and it is growing by leaps and bounds

Absolutely, yes. Thank you very much :D

Hello, got your message. Join here to discuss more

Hi, how are you, very beautiful pictures of jute plants. I am going to resteem it .please reply if possible, have a great time.

thank you very much mam :)

Most welcome, how are you?

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Hey !!! I mentioned you with some other indians in my new poem ! I hope you will give it a read, if not the complete poem, then just the part mentioning you. Find yourself tagged <3. Thank you :)

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