The Real Face Of India - Episode 31

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The Real Face Of India - Episode#31

I believe that India is the most beautiful country in the world. In this series I show the real face of beautiful India.

Half Dozen Photos of Natural Beauties

enter image description here
Unknown Herb

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here
Backyard of my village home

enter image description here
At the sunset

Snap taken : 19 June 2017
Camera : Helio, Model : S-2

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[To be continued ….]

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Wow brother, excellent post charm me! Vote for my comment, you would be helping me a lot, thanks

thank you :)

You and your photographer do a fantastic job documenting these places. Another alluring post. @royalmacro

Nice compliment .... thank you @tieuhong :D

Wow! You did good post my friend @royalmacro and interesting article! Look on my post ! I write very interesting story!

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wow, I didn't know there are some places in India

It's in a state named "West Bengal"

I would love to visit India someday! :)

You're most welcome @xxvjs :-)

Excellent post dear friend @royalmacro, I really like nature, these are beautiful photos of the vegetation of your country, thank you very much for sharing, congratulations on the beautiful captures
I wish you a beautiful day

Thank you my friend :)

@royalmacro thanks for sharing your bit different view of India. I am fan of this serie.
If you have a minute please check my new story about the market Koszyki (polish- shopping basket). I'm sure you will like it!
All the best :)

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There is no reply from you too

I mistakenly disabled you. Now I enabled you again :)

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