Nature means Green!

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Hello Wonderful People!

How is your day going?

I was travelling the day before yesterday and was stuck in the traffic. We were on the bus and had nothing to do much. So I captured some pictures from my window. It was a wonderful view.

The countryside of Bangladesh is still full of green. This is the view you can get while travelling. Very sooting, no? Rice is our base meal, so rice paddy field is one of the common you can get to see everywhere. Also, the roadside trees are enough to give shade and make us feel refreshed.


It was raining heavily in the morning. You can see the raindrops on my window.



Don't guess that I enjoy the traffic by seeing these pictures. It was horrible, it took us nearly three hours to pass 100 km. You can guess how pathetic journey it was. But these images are now my treasure to make me feel good. ha ha ha



I hope you like my captures.


Much Love


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Always wonderful to see greens around us, especially after the rain...

Yeah, very true. Thanks 😊

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Looks wonderfully green.

I've never been to Bangladesh.

Namaste, JaiChai

Visit Bangladesh, not the cities but the country sides. You will love this.
Thanks for your appreciation.

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Wow. I love nature! Natural world. It's so wonderful seeing those beautiful pictures

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Thanks 😊

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It looks so green and lush, it is very dry here at the moment, looking forward to when the rain comes x

Rain would be great!
Thanks 😊

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3 hours for 100k is rough. Taking photos and foccussing on beauty... nice. Xx

Yeah, I also felt that way. Thanks 😊

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Does look lovely and green, slow travel in rain is safer especially if busy. Taking photo's out the window, one way of enjoying the trip @rem-steem

Yeah, we have to find a way to make us feel better.
Thanks 😊

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A similar sight that we have here in our country as we also have a lot of rice fields. It's very relaxing just looking at it as you travel. It happens I am the only one who knows how to drive here and I miss being a passenger to enjoy the view lol.

That's great!
Yeah, driving means not getting the relax views I understand.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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