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For all my years going to Cedar Point with my family (first time was somewhere in 2009), I had never actually seen the beach. In the past half a decade I began to learn about the history of the park and how amazing it is, and that the beaches are what brought the first guests to the park.

So on one of my trips this summer I decided to go check out the beach and see what it was like before we left. I was not disappointed, they have a long beautiful section of beach, one I hope to enjoy next year as I had not prepared for beach time this summer. As we were about to leave though I liked the way the sun looked shining through Magnum XL-200, right as I took the picture I realized what else I had caught.


Magnum XL-200, not only with the sun shining through the supports but with a train just clearing the lift hill.

I had noticed the train as I snapped the photo, and took a second on a whim to see if I could catch it, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how the first photo turned out.

From the historical side of things, Magnum XL-200 is rather important. It arguably started the "coaster wars" it was first of many firsts, both a Cedar Point and parks across the nation (perhaps even the world). Magnum was the first to break the 200 ft mark for a coaster. To this day it's still an awesome ride!

Have a great one y'all and God bless!

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Cedar Point is a great Park. We use to go to Geauga lake go quite a bit. Nice catch on the coaster making the crest!

Geauga Lake. Haven't heard that name outside of an abandoned places video in a bit. I hear it was nice!

It was a fantastic place. 6 Flags actually bought it near it's end and even implemented new rides.

ohhhhhhhhhhh what a great shot!!!! that's really neat how the sun is shining through (and looking to shoot up through the clouds too!)


Thank you!

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