Winter pics in Lithuania, 2018 (4)

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The beauty of winter season in Lithuania, in photos. Part four.

[photo author: Šarūnas Medžioklis]

[photo author: Stasys Alvinskas]

[photo author: Rasita Liulienė]

[photo author: Vilija Eičienė]

[photo author: Karolis Rabazauskas]

[photo author: Aurelija S.]

[photo author: Neilas Montvilas]

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Stay tuned for more.



That's pretty lovely & cool photography @onealfa. Beautiful creativity.
I'm really impressive looked that fabulous styles.
Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for your resteem @dragonking

Beautiful winter seasons photo clicks. Totally wanna be awesome and professional. Thanks for effort @onealfa.

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Thanks for your resteem @kingsberry

Fantastic photography under the snow condition @onealfa.
Most designs created from snow. Lets see... Lithuania is very beautiful country as God gives us.
Resteemed your post.

Thanks for your resteem @madushanka

wooow really so sweet and pretty look views and the best photography work i really impresse from lithuania winter beauty and also from your best photography work boths thing make your phots brilliant...
i am seeing your all posts lf lithuania winter series and share with my all friends with my @resteem and now also this onealfa sir

Thanks for your resteem @kellyrose

Lithuania seems impressively amazing and stunning in those shots :)

Maybe it will attract some more people to come and visit us. We do not get many tourists at this time of the year.

i'm impressed by watching these wonderful photography collection again. the winter, the beauty of the nature we defined in these photography. fantastic & excellent post @onealfa

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Thanks for your resteem @resteemia

Wow fantastic photography.
Resteem service

Thanks for your resteem @minoservice

Amaizing and best and best collection in your winter lithuania album sure we cannot compare any other photograpy with your lithuania collection all photos you shared till now are prefect and really for apprciate and having the ublieveable bauty
many thanx for share it with us and give us these world beautifull scene i always @resteemd your posts like this and almost your all posts of winter lithuania

Thanks for your resteem @robrowe

Very beautiful photo and winter season.

Thanks for your resteem @salma-akanda

@onealfa - Sir if someone asked me to show professional photography, I'll show these photography Sir... Those are fantastic... One day i'll visit your country & watch the beauty of your country by my own eyes... I hope STEEM will help me to archive that goal Sir...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Thanks for your resteem @steemwija

Great and amazing photography.
Stupendous post sir!
Very impressive and awesome!!

Thanks @onealfa for sharing this post.😊

Have a glorious day!!

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Thanks for your resteem @stardivine

Wonderful photos of nature trees covered with snow
Create a beautiful painting made of nature
Dupan snow led to the emergence of streams of water
Thank you @onealfa


as cold as I imagine that it would be!!!! nice cold pictures thank you for sharing

Beautiful photography . Dear

Wow!!!!amazing photos

Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature!

fantastic pictures, really amazing! Are they taken with what type of camera? they are perfect, totally professional

No, these are made by various camera brands. As you can see, each photo is from a different author.
This time those photoshots are not made by myself.

"Another chapter of Winter beauty of Lithuania." More of those beautiful pictures. The imagination behind this click is phenomenal -

It is a simple view yet full of happiness! :)
Thanks for sharing. (Waiting for next series :p) @onealfa sir.

wall i love the first picture its so natural i mean i can see that for ever like .. amazing

Gosh Lithuania is really pretty for sure in the winter :D
Great Post, Upvoted!

These pics taken in Lithuania very beaitifully. I was there 2 years before and i had a great time there.

I may soon post some pics of Lithuania in my blog. For now you can see my latest post of beautiful Shimla hill station here @gauravgpt60

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