Winter pics in Lithuania, 2018 (3)

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The beauty of winter season in Lithuania, in photos. Part three.

[photo author: Renata Paškauskienė]

[photo author: Vytautas Šauklys]

[photo author: Loreta Burbienė]

[photo author: Erika Žukauskaitė]

[photo author: Irma Babkinienė]

[photo author: Kristina Tamašauskienė]

[photo author: Kristina Tamašauskienė]

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Stay tuned for more.



Wow! Sustingęs grožis. Tokie vaizdai konpensuoją tą nemalonų stingdantį šaltį!

really so lovely and pretty look scenes of snow also much thanx to share again photos lithuania beauty,, every thing look cold like beautifull crystles and that baloon look really awesome sir,,
when i see your last post i thinked that its a brilliant post and now one post will like this but to see this i appriciate you to share it more beautifull @onealfa sir
you photography work is really best i also @resteem now your these 3 beautifull posts of lithuania

Thank you very much for your all 3 resteems , @kellyrose

the quality of this camera is pretty awesome. impressive photography of wonderful lithuania. a best travel destination. nice post @onealfa

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

Thank you very much for your resteem , @resteemia

well captured mate @onealfa
and the quality is awesome, did use a canon in capturing those pics??

No, these are made by various camera brands. As you can see, each photo is from a different author.
This time those shots are not made by myself.

@onealfa - Sir once you showed us videos of Lithuania by using your drones... Today you are sharing a collection of stunning & outstanding photography of Lithuania too Sir... Those are so beautiful & fantastic... When I remind winter I got cold, Black & White image, but today I understood Winter is so colorful Sir... Nice you decided to share those wonderful photography...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Thank you very much for your resteem , @steemwija

Beautiful photo📷

that 2nd pic is just so amazing and I can relate myself to that lovely little bird at so much extent. love from Bangladesh....

Wow Excellent photography my friend @onealfa sir

Wonderful photos of snow grains scattered on trees and flowers magnified by beauty
I enjoy your time in this beautiful chapter

wow,,amazing photography,i like your post,great photo shoot

wow good to see another lovely collection from lithuania really an exellent collectiona and beautifull snap shots you took from Lithuania beautifull winter showing in your photos specially the that flower on ice is really looking an ubelievable beautifull photo thanx for share these beautifull moments with us @onealfa sir

Wow very beautiful.

I always say the cam can't make a good picture alone but the talent of the photographer is the main component and it seems that you are a talented guy
I bow and raise my hat to you for this great collection of pictures @onealfa

Amazing as always! I love the white colors in the last picture. Not too much snow there but it looks perfect :)

is your country in winter?
a natural picture and I really enjoy the perfect photo

wow, what a photography.

love your close up photos onealfa thank you

With love,

harj : ) xoxo
Abstract artist
(My latest artwork is "Government")

You have really sumed up all the beauties of winter in this bunch of photos , really they are of high clas, surely everybody will gonna love this...

Beautiful photography.
I don't really like the winters, but I love how the frost or snow look so beautiful on the trees or plants.

Those are awesome shots and they are indeed perfect !
Nicely taken photographs buddy !

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality!! The photography skills are phenomenal . Love all of the Clicks ..
Especially this one..

So looking photography in Lithuania.Really awesome photos.


wall i think you are amazing since i followed you i got some really amazing stuff really liked this

@onealfa i am sooooo jealous
i would sell my lightsaber to get a camera like yours
and you managed to get a picture of an aphid!
didn't u say you never see them? or am i wrong?
can't help with the questions. no gardener here

I love the first picture. I thought the flowers were snow!! Great post. Joy

Frosty cold shots wow this looks like a magic :)

woooww is amazing, perfect photo and it turns out the snow makes the flowers more beautiful @onealfa.

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