Winter pics in Lithuania, 2018 (2)

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The beauty of winter season in Lithuania, in photos.
Part two.
[photo author: Arūnas Solovjovas]

[photo author: Arūnas Kanapinskas]

[photo author: Aušra Marmokaitė]

[photo author: Aušra Marmokaitė]

[photo author: Daiva Terleckytė]

[photo author: Aušra Irmonienė]

[photo author: Katažina Polubinskaja]

[photo author: Laimutė Mataitienė]

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Stay tuned for more.



what a beautifull landscape! winter can be cold but also fantastic beutifull!

@onealfa - Sir after a few weeks of time I see your posts again today... Hope you are doing well...
The beauty of winter season in Lithuania
Today I see the beauty of winter Sir... Stunning photography & a brilliant effort there too Sir... Your country is so beautiful Sir...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Thanks a lot for your resteem @steemwija

@onealfa - Thank you Sir...


Hello!!! Are you from Lithuania? I’m from Latvia!! So nice to meet someone from Baltics as well!! We have today very snowy weather, too!!

Yep, I am from Vilnius |Good to meet you here

The photography skills are phenomenal!! Loved all of the clicks.
Especially this one -

The beauty of weather is extremely increased because of the perfection of clicks by the photographers. I would like to resteem this post to share the gorgeous weather of Lithuania. :) @onealfa Thanks for letting me experience the winter beauty of Lithuania.

#BeautifulWeather #Resteemed

Thank you very much for your resteem , @rohan5487

You're welcome sir. :) @onealfa

So looking photography in Lithuania.Really awesome photos.

Thank you very much for your resteem , @avagado

After long time I see you @onealfa. Wow...Such a different looking captures. I called it @magical of the nature".
I most stunning those all pictures in Lithuania. Deer looking when finish winter season? May be they would be happy with coolest. But sometimes suffering.
However Great photographic skills used for it.

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Thank you very much for your resteem , @kingsberry

well a beautifull and greatfull bright winter you share with us from lithuana we see many waopapers of beauty but this photo is perfect and i dont see in steemit the best photography like this in this winter i love your work and lithuana beauty with brightest snowy and the rays of sun makes it more bright enjoy your winter and always share with us your best photos @onealfa
i always resteem your best posts for save on my blog like this and like your last posts

Thank you very much for your resteem , @robrowe

winter made such beautiful photography in lithuania. outstanding & stunning photo collection. impressive work @onealfa

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

Thank you very much for your resteem , @resteemia

The snow fallen on to the planet seems nice reflection and created marvelous designs.
Very cold weather condition there. But Awesome photo clicks you taken sir @onealfa.
Upvote/ Resteem.

Thank you very much for your resteem , @dragonking

@onealfa, Wow....Absolutely brilliant looking winter photography in Lithuania. Lithuania is very beautiful country I have ever seen.
Beautiful creativity.
Resteemed your post.

Thank you very much for your resteem , @madushanka

Wow! Amazing and great photography.

Such a stupendous ppst.

Thanks @onealfa for sharing this post.😊 💙

Upvoted + Resteemed your post. ☺

Thank you very much for your resteem , @stardivine

Amazing pictures !!!
We always connect the winter with death, but in your pictures I see the beauty of life.

Thank you

Wonderfull photography and very beautiful nature.

Thank you very much for your resteem , @salma-akanda

whats great beauty of Lithuania in winter every thing is whit with this beautifull snow and look like every thing make with snow i really appriciate your photography that your took these best shots from perfect angles and share with us the best beauty of winter Lithuania @onealfa sir

Thanks for warm words, @shencoin

wow the winter morning shots are the best thing to watch out :D

Wow....excellent photography, very beautiful nature, amazing post, thanks

Really awesome photography.
I think one of the best photography in the world.
Thanks for sharing.
Upvote and Resteem
This photo is best

Wonderfull collection. waiting for new ones :)

nice pictures sir.. i am your new follower and waiting for u to follow me as well as to connect in this great community steemit... thanks

awesome photografhy of winter pic looking great.😊

Very nice photography just love it pic @onealfa

I hope there is a part 3 because these photos are so amazing! I'm looking forward it. Thanks for the post. Have a nice day sir.

its so beautiful

These are stunning photos, really brings out the chill in winter

Beautiful winter photos!

Love photo capture,i have to recommend that.🖒 and still,we always see winter as time we struggle with climate because its not really friendly but i belive winter really make a good sketch for the environment we live in because the best tree beautification and cloud color comes out during winter and from the pics taken,its no doubt it really wonderful during winter when you take pictures because it paints many words..thanks for sharing these lovely pics

Very nice,,love to see this photos

Looks beautiful! Great photos. It's just grey and miserable here in the UK.

Love these wintery shots! I remember I had a stack of them on my HDD.. thanks for reminding :) I will sure be posting them up soon :)

You may appreciate my moody Winter scene from where I live now in Ireland (I am originally from Lithuania!):

Thanks :)

Amazing... beautiful nature. Good @anealfa

Great photos Lithuania is very beautiful!!

wawoow amazing fab these are such a gorgious pics u have been taken and share in the steemit family i am really glad to follow u and yeah i have to apperacite the photography!

These images are beautiful!

Epitome of beauty in one picture!! Upvoted and followed , thanks so much for steeming:)

des belles photos

@onealfa you made professional pictures I really like it U5drSxAhaA7jVAjicVCoF9fmvKeh2xZ.gif

Nice photograph..

again a great collection of pictures... love them... oh god..

Really fantastic photo...........//////////

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