Winter pics in Lithuania, 2018 (1)

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The beauty of winter season in photos. All been recently made by various authors in Lithuania.
[Photo author: Rimgailė Vyčaitė]

[Photo author: Vilija Eičienė]

[Photo author: Vilija Eičienė]

[Photo author: Viktorija Lukošienė]

[Photo author: Violeta Debesienė]

[Photo author: Stasys Alvinskas]

[Photo author: Ona Danielienė]

[Photo author: Modestas Šidlauskas]

[Photo author: Manta Razauskienė]


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Stay tuned, there will be more.



Wow @onealfa first of all great to see you back after a very long time and what a comeback stunning shots one after another you made my day amazing with your post wow :D

Thanks @blazing, I been here all the time. Just not posting new articles very much, mainly doing curation. Following (and studying, learning, trading) some other coins besides steem also took me rather busy. As you may know, December was quite "hot" time in cryptos. With a recent correction there, I guess I may find now more time again for steem/steemit.
Which, after all, besides the monetary side, is much FUN to me too.

decmeber was literally the best year or i can personally say it changed my life a lot the life changing moment for me :D crypto is a great thing to learn keep sharing some coin updates too and trading tricks too :D i was also doing the same...and really sorry that my upvote is still zero :(

one of the most stunning photography from lithuania. impressive photography @onealfa

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wow so so beautifull secene and views the red color is looking more pretty with in white snow and the white snow make earth like as white clouds
hope your are enjoying there winter natural beauty sir

Thanks for a warm comment :)

really a good collection and the best best shots you took from Lithuania and really a beautifull winder in Lithuania showing in your photos specially the first photo is great and outclass thanx for share these beautifull moments with us @onealfa sir

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thats great to see these picutures really inspire me and having much attraction every pic having is really for appriciate and your photography work is also exellent
so i share it to send forward to more people and save on my blog with my @resteem

Thanks for your resteem @robrowe

@onealfa - OMG Sir, never seen such beautiful winter photography before... They are genius photographers Sir... Nice you decided to share it...

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@onealfa - Thank you Sir...


Oh my god!!!!! these pics are mesmerizing

Thanks for your resteem @shahriar27

seriously, those pictures are magnificent. Especially the 4th one islooking like a evening in heaven!!! I fell in love with Lithuania....

Amazing set of images. Especially love the berries in ice. Did not know you are such a good photographer :)

As you can see those are not made by me. Each shot has it's author marked below the pic. I grab them from the tv3 local weather forecast. Just thought it maybe interesting for people around the globe to see what's the winter like here in my country.

no doubt these photos have been the best I've seen today

Thanks for a warm comment :)

superb click bro i love it your all photos :)

Great pics! Winter is a great time for taking some beautiful photos. I have been taking some winter photos myself, but they are nowhere near as good as yours!

there is no doubt that Lithuania is one of the most breathtaking place.

@onealfa, you have some fantastic photos, and you happen to be from the area my father's family came from during WWII. Where at in Lithuania are you from there originally? My family was from Vilnius and Kaunas, and I believe these are areas around Vilna, Stakliskes, Plunge, Grinkiskis, Snipiskes and Ketovsky. I've started doing my genealogy, so I've been learning a great deal about Lithuania. I'm defiantly going to follow you and check back on your posts. It's fantastic that I can see a country that's very important to me! Thanks!​ 🙂

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la beauté de la nature

the one with the berry's is truly amazing, its like a fairytail!

What a wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing with us, followed for the next posts. I especially adored this one;