Sublime Sunday #The Weekend Getaway

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Last few days have only been attending Social gatherings, partying out with friends and some day trips. This time the Mumbai trip is getting hectic, looks like it's all getting covered up for the last 1 year. Diet has gone for a toss as everyday we are going out with some or the other friend and the whole routine is disturbed. I am feeling like in a different zone altogether. I am enjoying it but I am also getting a little worried about the disturbances in the diet. Quite a few workshops also to attend, it's just something happening back to back through out the day. Today I have decided to be home and relax up a bit but yes again evening there will be something coming up.

Early morning when we started it was raining in the city and we got rains all through out our 2 days journey.

The best thing to come to Mumbai in this part of the year is the Rains. It has been raining almost everyday since the time I have come and in this time travelling is also lot of fun.
Last weekend we did an overnight trip to a small town far from the city, sharing the video of our drive and the wonderful scenery around. I just loved the whole feeling.

On the way we stopped at a small village for a quick bite, at the place they had some pets around. Also there was a very old well. We do not see Wells anymore in the city, but the village life still gives a reflection of the olden times when everything was so very different. They had some turtles, rabbits, hens around.

On the way, it was such a beautiful sight

We had a lot of stopovers before we reached our final destination and it was almost 8 p.m., had got dark and was raining heavily, I got a short video on that also. Such an amazing 2 day trip it was, very refreshing and rejuvenating. Physically I was tired but mentally I was very refreshed

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Are rains good for that area? Is it too hot there?
We have so rainy and cold summer now, that rains are nothing good for me now:)

Even with the rain its such a beautiful area thanks for sharing with us

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