Mistakes People make while working with Crystals

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Many people when they buy Crystals they feel very good with the energy of the Crystal but over a period of time they stop feeling that energy and feel no connection with their Crystal.

Why does this happen?

Each variety of Crystal has an unique internal geometric structure, just the way our body has. This energetic structure causes it to vibrate at a certain frequency. It is this vibration that is said to give Crystals their healing properties. When we use this vibration in a coherent way it will help to restore stability & balance to the body energy systems.

So Crystals is all about energy, which means the energy can get depleted and it can get charged also. Like we humans when we are full of energy we perform at our highest capacities and when we are low on energy we feel dull and drained out until the time we again charge up our body, which is through adequate rest and healthy diet. In a similar manner when the Crystals Energies get used up they become dull and they stop functioning the way they are meant to. But like how we humans can be charged up, crystals also can be charged up.

When you get a crystal, it does not mean you can keep using it forever without taking care of it, cause once their energies get depleted they are of no use, or rather they can sometimes be harmful also.


Why harmful?
Crystals pick up on the energies in it's periphery, so if there is negative energy around and if it does not have the capacity to resonate with it due to its lower frequencies it will absorb that negative energy, and if you use that crystal it will give the same back to you. Hence it is very important to take good care of your crystals by regularly cleansing them and energizing them.

There are few crystals which do this cleansing energizing process by itself due to it's nature but still I always suggest it is also good to take care of those crystals once in a way. The cleansing, energizing ways are very simple, and there are many, you need to select what is convenient for you.

Let me share a few cleansing, energizing ways for your Crystals:

  • Salt Water: Can be soaked in sea water or water mixed with sea salt. Use a glass bowl preferably for soaking your crystals, avoid plastic completely. They can be soaked overnight, Crystals used for Psychic cleansing should be soaked for a longer duration approximately 48 Hrs. Thoroughly cleanse the crystals in cool running water after removing them from salt water. Flush out the salt water.

  • Dry Salt: Bury or keep the crystals on surface in dry salt. Leave them overnight or longer duration as required. Rinse them once done and flush out the salt.

  • Rinsing in plain water: Rinse them in running water. This to be used for delicate crystals like Azurite, Selenite, Angelite, Celestite, cause they are water soluble.

  • Brown Rice: Bury the crystals in brown rice or keep them on the surface. Good to be used for any type of crystals.

  • Crystal Geodes or Clusters: Small tumbles can be kept in the Crystal Geodes or Cluster beds. Clear quartz, Citrine clusters are powerful, well as Amethyst is comparatively mild. The cluster formation have the ability to absorb the negative energies, neutralize the energies and then release good energy back.

  • Smudging: Burn the smudge sticks or incense sticks and holding the crystals in the smoke to cleanse the stored energy. Very effective incense sticks are Sage & sweet grass, Sandalwood or Cedar-wood. A feather can be used to fan the smoke across the crystals. 20 to 30 seconds should be enough.

  • Sound & Chanting: The vibrations of a pure sound can be used to cleanse a crystal. You can use a bell, Gong or a Tibetan singing bowl. With chanting sacred mantras also the crystals can be cleansed. Like Aum, chanting needs to be loud near the crystals. It’s best to hold them while chanting.

  • Sunlight & Moonlight: Both sunlight and moonlight helps to cleanse the crystals. However sunlight can fade some crystals whereas moonlight is a powerful safe cleanser. Full moon is the best time to cleanse, energize and set intentions with the crystals.

  • White light Visualization: In meditation hold the crystal, focus on it and visualize a white light surrounding the crystal, followed by a beam of light passing through the crystal taking away all the unwanted energies from it. Once finish give a white light to the space and cleanse the residuals of the releases from the crystals. (This should be avoided unless you know the space clearing ways very well)


Crystals should be treated with care. Many are fragile and/or water soluble like Angelite, Celestite, few can fade in direct sunlight like Amethyst, Rose Quartz. Crystals easily pick up on vibrations hence when not in use it is advisable to wrap them up in a silk or velvet cloth.

Crystals used for Meditation and for other self-help should be treated with care and ensure that it is not touched by anyone else. Keep them in a place that does not bring eye-contact of others, as they pick on vibrations very easily.

Crystals are Living Beings at the Beginning of Creation
Nikola Tesla

With Love and Angels Blessings 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸


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oh it's very interesting and useful info, dear!
you're right, crystals are alive, their power is endless, and we must have definite knowledge before using them. Personally I even had some fear of choosing not the right crystal for me or doing something wrong with it.

True, I believe that everything in nature has something in store for us, if we can tap it nothing like it.
Personally I have experienced that when I get drawn very strongly to a crystal then at that point of time it is the most apt one for me and I pick it up, also the observation is that after using it for sometime then many a times I don't touch it for months. So it comes when it is most required for your situation and when the purpose is met it goes away. The journey with them is always very beautiful for me.

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