Musically Inspired Photography Adventure | Featuring Music By Wintersun

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How does music affect the everyday experiences we have?

I am one of those people that believes that music, as well as other art forms, affects us on an emotional level... therefore being able to actually change our moods and somehow determine how we react in a moment.
So, keeping that in mind, I’m trying something new here... we shall call it artistic expression...

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It all started a few days ago when I had a band recommend to me by someone. I decided to go out on a hike through the woods and brought the new music with me.

It was really interesting to see how discovering this new music while in those surroundings made such an impact on the experience as a whole. I normally am snapping photos on these adventures as well, and I began to realize that the photos I was taking were also being inspired by the music.

So, how can I some how combine these things to actually be able to not only share the shots that I took, but somehow let you experience the feelings that inspired them?

Why not listen to the music that inspired the photos while you view them?

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Today’s Band is Wintersun and the song title is Lonliness

It’s a beautifully composed metal track with hints of classical undertones that make it something truly exceptional. It’s a long track, be warned... but it’s a good one.

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If you can, enjoy the track while you view a few of my favorite shots from the day...








The whole mood of the song complimented the incoming storm perfectly...

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So, can we recreate the mood of emotions that certain music evokes, through the photos taken during the experience? We can try...

Do you have a band recommendation that I can take with me on my next adventure? Let me know in the comments...

Thanks so much for reading,


The music featured in this post is owned by the artist.

All photos are my own

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WOW! The song and the music is great, I love the style. Actually listening the beginning which was slow and gentle I did not expect it to turn into heavy metal like. That moment I had to search about the group Finnish metal band. Very typical for Scandinavian music. Thank you for letting me learn a new group.

I love the collection of your photographs too especially those little flowers :)


Hey @stef1, I’m so glad you like them! They were really such a pleasant surprise to me, a unique sound and deep poetic lyrics... so good.

Thank you, your comments are always so wonderful.. I really appreciate them 🤗


Hi @llfarms, have spent yesterday the whole day for recording my pastel painting. While on holiday I had enough time and thought just to do it as almready many people asking about the process. You can't imagine that painting part was the easiest but I struggled with DTube and finally my snapshot was not sharp enough.

So I am very frustrated that lost so much time but the final result is not really visible but you can probably see yourself. Cheers, @Stef1

Awww such a sweet idea... for me Nature always has music whether the one I listen objectively or the one I listen in my head... many of my own songs were born in some random crazy nymph humming wanderings, spinning on fields and running under storms...
Music has such power and at the same time is so underrated... at least it feels so these times, so when someone aknowledge its power, which is almost a power of transformation, it makes me happy.
Two days ago I rewatched a 80 movie Legend, beautiful movie, not that great script unfortunately, but it was released with two different scores, watching the SAME movie with two different soundtracks (one for Europe, one for USA) you realize how much weight it has in the interpretation of the images.

By the way all the photographies as always :) a joy, thanks for sharing the beauty around you.


Yes I do agree! Nature itself has its own music and normally on hikes I don’t actually listen to music... just enjoy nature in all its glory. So, this was sort of a new experience for me...

I bet the different scores for the same movie has a huge effect! Music is used so expertly to make us feel a certain way while watching a movie... I’m going to have to try that!

Thanks so much Priscilla, your kind words and support always make my day ❤️

I never thought in a song like the one you pick, but it really works. You are so rocker!


Hahaha I’m glad you liked it! I have a very eclectic taste in music... it really doesn’t make sense, but hey it works for me. I’m more of a barefoot in the forest listening to whatever fits the mood than a rocker... I’m not that cool Vadim 😜.

I always say that steemit is lacking metal , thanks <3


It so is! There has definitely been an increase here lately though, which is awesome to see. Thanks ❤️

This is really a great idea for a photo adventure. I totally agree, music affects me on a deep emotional level and influences my perceptions of what's going on around me. Love the shots, will listen to the song asap. ♡


Thank you @amymya ❤️

It amazes me just how powerful music can be... glad I’m not the only one!

A little metal, some nature on a beautiful day, too cool ;9)


What could be better right?!? Thanks gibber!

I like the macro shots of the things you encountered in the forest. Whenever I go hiking I listen to music as well and my playlist usually consists of Dishwalla, Ed Sheerean and Kodaline for reflective moods and when I am so tired and need some energy I switch to my running track which are full of hiphop and RNB songs.

Kodaline is my next suggestion to you when you go forest hiking :)

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Yay! Thank you for my first suggestion Mav! 🤗 I will see what it inspires and post about it.

I do also find that different Genres are needed for different situations to help motivate. I love that RNB is your running track, I need something much harder to encourage me to run

Thanks for the comment, I’m excited to discover this band

I love this idea, Justine! I could easily have enjoyed another several dozen photos to go with the soundtrack. More next time, maybe?! ;)

Just earlier today, as I was going through my blog replying to every single old comment that I'd sadly neglected, I came across one that included a video. Apparently, my music reminded someone of this guy. I had a listen, and was instantly hooked.

Have you heard of Peter Broderick? Check him out!


Oh I have not! Adding it to the list!

Thank you so much Zippy, that means a lot coming from you ❤️.

It’s funny, when I started out I hadn’t really planned on taking photos, so there weren’t many to choose from haha. I promise on my next one I will make a point to capture more to make the post more complete and flow better with the music. Because I agree, we need more photos for the song!

Thanks again, 😘

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Glad to see another WS fan here! I would also recommend Trees of Eternity and Damnation Plan. The new Wintersun guitarist Asim sings very good there.