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The other day while going through my feed I came across a post from @daveks titled “Summer Vacation Camera Roll.” I figured @daveks is a good photographer so his vacation photos should be pretty good. While scrolling through the photos in his post I came across a what, I first thought was a Carousel, but on further inspection was a swing ride that was exceptionally ornate. Either way it was a great composition, it was backlit because of a large skylight behind it, which is a blessing and a curse in this photo. I thought it was a great shot but, I felt with a little post processing it could really stand out.

I really wanted to take a SWING at post processing that image, but how does one ask someone to give you permission to process their photo without implying that they didn’t do a good job with their photo? After a few seconds of agonizing over it I decided to go with, “This one is my favorite. I would love to see it processed with more saturation, and a bit of a vignette. If it would interest you I would love to take a shot at processing it, you can message me on steemit chat my handle is the same there as here.” That turned out to be a good approach since @daveks agreed to let me give it a shot, you can see the full exchange if you like.

So @daveks sent me the original photo and I set to work on it. The first thing I set about doing was to bring the area under the canopy up out of the shadows. There is already light there I just wanted to make the existing light brighter. Next I set about bringing back contrast where the bright backlight washed out the top of the canopy. The sky is effectively blown out so instead of trying to get any detail from it I blew it all the way out to make it more dramatic. The for the overall image I wanted strong contrast and saturation. Almost all of these adjustments were done with masked out curves layers, I would normally set these layers blend mode to luminance to prevent them from modifying the color in the image, but for this I wanted bold colors so I left the blend mode to the default setting. When I was done in photoshop I finished by tweaking things a little in Lightroom binging the exposure, shadows, whites and saturation up a bit more.


Photo by @daveks taken with the Galaxy S7 post processing by @kellyjanderson

And here is the full sized final photo.

_-2-3.jpgPhoto by @daveks taken with the Galaxy S7 post processing by @kellyjanderson

It was really fun collaborating on this photo with @daveks and I would like to collaborate with him or other Steemit users again in the future. I would love to hear from you and get your feedback on the processing as well so please do comment.

Cheers, @kellyjanderson

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