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I’ve always been drawn to textures in photography - those close details that you almost miss if you aren’t paying attention. I’m not sure what it is, but I just find them stunningly beautiful.

The veins in a leaf, the intricate details of the moss on a rock, the lines of architecture, and so on. The close up textures is just what I love.

So yesterday while I was happy we were getting our first rain in a very long time, I found myself at work longing to be out in it instead. There is something that the rain does to those textures that just makes them even more magical.

Perhaps it’s how the rain seems to enhance those textures, bringing out the moody colors as well as highlighting those small hidden details. Not sure exactly how to explain it.. but I just long to grab my camera and go explore.

Luckily I made it home from work just before dusk, and was still able to capture some of those moody textures I love so much - and I thought I would share a few of them here with you.










Do you have a favorite photography style you seem to be drawn to?

Much Love,


All photos are my own and taken with a Fuji XT2 / 35mm lens with minimal after editing in Lightroom


I absolutely love gritty black and white urban street photography. I just love cities at night and the change in streets when the sun goes down, especially when almost everyone has gone to bed. Magical stuff happens when the world is soundly asleep!

There is an incredible young artist from the Philippines whose handle I have embarrassingly forgotten, who has been doing some brilliant night urban sets...when I trawl through CCC to re-find her, I will send you a link!

I hope life is treating you kindly and gorgeous photos and what tree are the 'spade' shaped leaves from please?

Oh yes I love that style too! There are quite a few pretty amazing street photographers on Steem and I really enjoy their stuff, so please share the link if you find it!

Cities are so foreign to me, but as so fascinating. They are so full of details and these amazing moments between the people there that some talented photographers are able to capture, and somehow make it appear as if time is standing still.

I think having the ability to see and capture those details and moments in a place that is so full of distracting actions is pretty amazing.

Thank you ☺️ and yes all is well here, just very busy. I’m trying to get back in the habit of sharing things I enjoy - like photography. I hope all is well with you!

As for the trees, sadly I’m not sure about that specific one. We have a lot of alder, cottonwood and oak.. I think that one is cottonwood but I’ll have to dig a bit to be sure. I’ll let you know! ❤️

The second picture is my favorite. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe that's why it's my favorite. Ultra black and shiny against natural greys, greens and browns. It almost doesn't fit in there. What is it?

Volcanic rock from last week. Crazy round those parts!


Asher, stop stalking me.

Why single me out, I know you have a club of fans, we just don't see their comments anymore :P

Those aren’t fans, Ash... 😝

Yeah the contrast in the colors and textures there really were amazing.

It’s called Obsidian, or volcanic glass. It doesn’t actually belong there haha.. my grandfather found it on one of his adventures and it was something used by the native Americans to make arrowheads out of (he’s very into that and makes them himself). He gave it to us at some point and that became its home.. never paid much attention to it .. but the rain and the contrast to its surroundings were just hard to resist.

Ah. I don't feel as stupid now. :D
Thanks - Both of you. :) I looked for quite a while and just couldn't get to stone OR wood. I would NEVER have come up with Volcanic rock. That makes sense now. I'm glad you have kept it and gave it a home. It's very interesting!

Yeah you shouldn’t!! It was a totally random thing there, but I agree it’s pretty interesting.. and the rock itself is full of movement through bubbles and veins.. I should give it more attention next time.

IS THAT OBSIDIAN? (second pic) the only place I've seen obsidian is Minecraft, I doubt very much that here in Venezuela you can see stones like that (at least on the island where I live there is nothing that can create obsidian:( ).

Your pic are very nice, I see that you take many photos to leaves, I used to take photos with my cousin, when I started in Steem that was our topic haha, but we didn't get that far, but you motivate me to take pics again, I just found these 2:

omg while I was searching for those 2 I found this one: P1040200.JPG

I got excited now, I challenge you to a photography duel (yes, just like a Pokemon duel)

IS THAT OBSIDIAN? (second pic) the only place I've seen obsidian is Minecraft,

Yes it is! Haha.

I love leaves as well, they are just so unique and when you look closely - so intricate. I’m always photographing leaves.

Love your photos! That pink really is stunning!

A duel? 🙊That sounds scary! Haha.

Every picture represents a story, different textures, and the beauty of nature. All are Stunning captures.

I totally agree! I think photography is so special as it’s literally capturing moments in time. Moments that may not seem so special at the time possibly, but that tells a story that can be enjoyed for generations.

Thanks so much!

When I see this photos... I see you have same rainy and mud days there what I have here in estonia 👌😁 but soon is snow back.

My original love was landscape and night sky photography, and still very much is one of my favorites, but I've come to love photographing dancers.

Oh I remember seeing your “dancing with the stars” photos which were so beautiful, but hadn’t seen your landscape photography yet, they are stunning!!!

I could see why photographing dancers draws you in, there is something really enchanting about the human form, especially when combined with movement.

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Don't really like photography to be honest. Seems a pointless exercise. Your pics are good though.

Why the hell have I been voting all your shit then the last few years?

Thank you 🤗

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