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I absolutely love gritty black and white urban street photography. I just love cities at night and the change in streets when the sun goes down, especially when almost everyone has gone to bed. Magical stuff happens when the world is soundly asleep!

There is an incredible young artist from the Philippines whose handle I have embarrassingly forgotten, who has been doing some brilliant night urban sets...when I trawl through CCC to re-find her, I will send you a link!

I hope life is treating you kindly and gorgeous photos and what tree are the 'spade' shaped leaves from please?


Oh yes I love that style too! There are quite a few pretty amazing street photographers on Steem and I really enjoy their stuff, so please share the link if you find it!

Cities are so foreign to me, but as so fascinating. They are so full of details and these amazing moments between the people there that some talented photographers are able to capture, and somehow make it appear as if time is standing still.

I think having the ability to see and capture those details and moments in a place that is so full of distracting actions is pretty amazing.

Thank you ☺️ and yes all is well here, just very busy. I’m trying to get back in the habit of sharing things I enjoy - like photography. I hope all is well with you!

As for the trees, sadly I’m not sure about that specific one. We have a lot of alder, cottonwood and oak.. I think that one is cottonwood but I’ll have to dig a bit to be sure. I’ll let you know! ❤️

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