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RE: Textures In Nature - Photo Gallery

in #photography5 years ago

The second picture is my favorite. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe that's why it's my favorite. Ultra black and shiny against natural greys, greens and browns. It almost doesn't fit in there. What is it?


Volcanic rock from last week. Crazy round those parts!


Asher, stop stalking me.

Why single me out, I know you have a club of fans, we just don't see their comments anymore :P

Those aren’t fans, Ash... 😝

Yeah the contrast in the colors and textures there really were amazing.

It’s called Obsidian, or volcanic glass. It doesn’t actually belong there haha.. my grandfather found it on one of his adventures and it was something used by the native Americans to make arrowheads out of (he’s very into that and makes them himself). He gave it to us at some point and that became its home.. never paid much attention to it .. but the rain and the contrast to its surroundings were just hard to resist.

Ah. I don't feel as stupid now. :D
Thanks - Both of you. :) I looked for quite a while and just couldn't get to stone OR wood. I would NEVER have come up with Volcanic rock. That makes sense now. I'm glad you have kept it and gave it a home. It's very interesting!

Yeah you shouldn’t!! It was a totally random thing there, but I agree it’s pretty interesting.. and the rock itself is full of movement through bubbles and veins.. I should give it more attention next time.

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