📷#ColorChallenge - Pure White

in photography •  11 months ago 

I have seen this beautiful Flowers in a garden near to my Home when I used to do Jog every day.

There are many beautiful Flowers like Lily, Sunflower, Jasmin and Ganges Primrose but This one is my Favorite(I don't know the Name of this Flower, Let me know if you have heard).

Pack 1 flower 31.jpg

Pack 1 flower 32.jpg

Pack 1 flower 30.JPG

I hope you like this Natural Pics.

This is my entry for #colorchallenge Pure White. #colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra

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its really nice and heart touching rose

I just love this flower and the pure peace color.

Good to see you also started posted in #colorchallenge. Photos are very well captured.


Hey good pictures and hoping more from you