Sharing Sheffield Street Art in Celebration of the Upcoming Sheffield Meet Up!

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At the end of September a few Steemians from Sheffield will be getting together to discuss world politics drink beer and have a laugh.

I'm really looking forward to meeting the likes of
@tumutanzi, and

Wait, I already live with @fulcanelli. :)

If anyone reads this who is in the South Yorkshire area please come along!!

Here's a post with the meet up details: Sheffield Steemit Meet Up

For anyone who doesn't know Sheffield, it's a green and hilly city in the UK. Home of world snooker, the oldest existing football club and Henderson's Relish.

Also the motherland of Jelly Babies, Tetley's tea, Polo mints and Terry's chocolate orange.

And as a little nod to the Sheffield Steemians and Sheffield in general, I thought I would share some pictures I've taken of local Sheffield street art.

There's a lot of this stuff here, and it's bloody brilliant.

This is a gorgeous piece of art work - my photo really doesn't do it justice. And yes, there is a road here called 'Snuff Mill Lane'. :)

This is just a small part of a much larger mural, I wish I could have captured it all in one shot but it wasn't possible.

There seems to be a bit of a craze here of painting funny creatures onto any of the bollards around Abbeydale Road which is near where I live.

Here, as you can see, Hilda Ogden has been immortalised forever. And rightly so.

This is one of my favourite street photography photos that I've ever taken. I loved that this lady looked back at me just as I was taking the picture. Sheffield street artists seem fond of painting very large people on the walls in the city centre.

Finally, this dashing butterfly is gracing a wall right around the corner from my house. There are also birds and flowers painted next to it, but the orange of the butterfly really caught my eye.

all photos by @johleen

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!! Don't forget to come along to the meet up if you're near Sheffield!

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Who I'm Loving Right Now:

...caught out behind the shed having a j

Follow me, @johleen if you like the kind of stuff I do. If you don't, then don't!!

Much love!


Looks awesome. I love the little blue guy. Wish I could make it to the meet up!

Thanks, the blue guy is one of my favs! I take it you're nowhere near Sheffield...?

Across the pond or else I'd be there!

Ahhh well, until the time we have an international meet up then!

Will you be making it to STEEMFEST 2.0 in Lisbon?!

ooooo... I've not heard of it? But I LOVE Portugal. I will have to hunt down the details. :)

You can find some details and links in my post here:

Hope to see ya there :)

Fabulous, thank you!

I LOVE the shot with the lady!!! Her expression and that of the wall. Nice! Ill resteem it for visibility. Ive brought over some folks from YouTube that are from the UK.

Thanks very much!! Yep I was sooo pleased with that one!

And cheers for the resteem, much appreciated.... it'd be good to get as many people together in the area as possible. :)

good job! I wrote a few days ago on a street art in an Italian country ... I love this expression very much. I follow

Thanks! I'm going to head over to your blog to check it out. :)

Fabulous glimpses into the street art of Sheffield. I'm with @old-guy-photos on loving the photograph of the lady looking back at you as you were capturing the street scene. Her look is priceless ~ Immortalized now. Did she want to see it?

Hope you all have a fabulous get together at the Sheffield Steemit Meet Up now. Resteemed and following. 🦋

Thanks @allyinspirit :)

Funnily enough, as I was taking the picture with my iphone, I don't think she realised that I'd taken a photo... she just turned back around and carried on walking.

Thanks - I'm really looking forward to the meet up! I'm sure we'll all post updates and pictures.

Any many thanks for the resteem, I'm also following you. :)

wow great work, the first one is amazing. we love street art as well so I´ve made a collection. please have a look.

Thanks! I'll check your page out. :)

Oh nice! You're only two months old here and already attending your first meetup! Look at you! With the way that you post, I won't be surprised that you'll turn full-on dolphin in no time. Don't forget us minnows when you trek the bigger ocean :D

Awww, well look at you putting a grin on my face!! Thank you. :)

There's not many of us meeting... I'm sure there's more people in the area, but we'll hopefully have found them by the next one. :)

Oh, you have a huge Phlegm there! I should def. go down to see that one!

Yes! There's loads of Phlegm art here!!

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