Grand Canyon of Soča / Große Soča Schlucht

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I have to admit that today I have been very lazy.

Ich muss zugeben, dass ich heute sehr faul gewesen bin.

Grand Canyon of Soča
Große Soča Schlucht

Actually, I wanted to do a nice photo walk with my macro lens after work, but after lunch I got a bit tired and lay down.

Eigentlich wollte ich heute nach der Arbeit einen netten Fotospaziergang mit meinem Makroobjektiv machen, aber nach dem Essen bin ich etwas müde geworden und habe mich hingelegt.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/4 • 1/5 sec • @24 mm

3 hours later I woke up and just had enough time to pick some photos for my today's post.

3 Stunden später bin ich aufgewacht und hatte gerade noch genug Zeit, um ein paar Fotos für meinen heutigen Beitrag herauszusuchen.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/4 • 1/5 sec • @24 mm

I have not shown any photos of the Soča river for a while, and I believe that this line of sight into the great Soča gorge has never been in a post. All three photos have been taken with the same camera settings.

Vom Soča Fluss habe ich ohnehin schon eine Weile keine Fotos mehr gezeigt, und ich glaube, diese Blickrichtung in die große Soča Schlucht ist noch nie in einem Beitrag dabeigewesen. Alle drei Fotos sind mit den selben Kameraeinstellungen gemacht worden.

❖ click for fullsize view ❖

Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/4 • 1/5 sec • @24 mm


Location / Standort: Grand Canyon of Soča - Google Maps
Soča Valley
Soča River / Isonzo (Wikipedia)
Soča Tal
Soča Fluss / Isonzo (Wikipedia)

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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice evening,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
#originalcontent #originalworks #deutsch #austria #steemit-austria


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So thanks to your little power nap you give us these great shots instead of some more close-up bug shots. See without me saying it's enough with the macro shots your body steps in to give us viewers some diversity in your shots ;)

After reading the first words I thought "now you said it", but then I read the second sentence - thank you so much @tijntje 😊
Tonight I also won't post macro shots, but it's featheredFriday ... ;)

Hahaha as I said before, I don't think I will get bored with the macro shots as long as you also keep posting these amazing landscape shots.

... and because I don't want to bore you, I climb into the deepest canyons and I fight through thick scrub, only to take photos, which almost nobody will get, because of the difficulties to get there 😊

That sounds like a great plan indeed, to make sure we don't get bored during the day you do almost impossible climbs for a few clicks. 😉


Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Thank you for resteeming, dear @pixresteemer 😄

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I do not know how such a feeling, like laziness, can make a person jump over stones, like a mountain tek)) But, these photos are great, my Dear friend @Johannpiber! The texture of water and stones, inimitable. As I said, this water causes an attack of thirst, I want to drink it)) Good night to you, my friend!

Thank you so much, my friend @barski. I love to be in this valley and at this river. I haven't tried the water yet, but it is fresh and cool, and drinkable, of course.
Have a good night too my friend 😄

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Thank you so much @c-squared, I have already voted 😀

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Howdy sir johannpiber! you lay down for a nap and wake up 3 hours later! are showing your age sir johann! And I can say that because I'm alot older. That's why I never take naps anymore, I can fall asleep watching tv on the couch too, it's crazy. lol. But that's okay because the photos are great!

Howdy and good morning my friend 😊

Yeah, you are right, I am already like my father-in-law, who has had a nap every day after lunch ;)
But I don't want to sleep in the afternoons, and this nap was an exception, because when I sleep in the afternoon I will surely wake up in the middle of the night. Sleeping in the afternoon is just a waste of time, I think.

Thank you so much, that you like my photos :)

Howdy sir johannpiber! I got behind and didn't answer my comments last night so this is way behind, wow, I'm slacking! That is very true, we have to choose wisely when to sleep as we get older. lol.

Never mind and good evening @janton :)
I always say, I can sleep long enough, when I'm dead ;) lol

I say that too when I have things I want to get done, it's a great saying!

... and it's true, I think ;)

I have been scrolling up and down between the first two and I cant decide which I like the most they are both amazing but there is a different feeling between the MOno and color both are special though

Thank you JJ :)
They are all pretty much the same, apart from the water flow, that's a bit different. This is, why I have converted one to Black and White ;)

They are all great something so soothing and beautiful about those images :)

Enough, or I send 2 of my brain cells to Bahbahra, although she might need more than only two, when they come from me, but I cannot give her all - I need the other half myself ;) lol

I would not want to limit your holding of brain cells or mine for that matter I think Bahbahrah will be fine as she is :)

Yes, you are right, and maybe she is doing better without my brain cells ;)

Or Mine, I guess no brain cells means no stress and for her thats a good thing ;)

No stress without brain cells? I think I'll give away mine 😁

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Beautiful piece of work,you did excellent click with your camera.

Thank you so much for your nice compliment, my friend @tussar11 😊

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Thank you very much @treeplanter 😊