Phoenix Graphic Design Contest Winners! 7 Shirts Live on Amazon!

in photography •  9 months ago

Phoenix Graphic Design Contest Winners!.jpg

5 of our graphic designers won 100 Steem each for making the beautiful phoenix t shirt artwork we see here as a result of the contest I launched a few months ago at What is amazing is that we did all of this by posting on Steem and then collaborating on Airtable to get the final artwork delivered all on the Steem blockchain!


Receiving the shirts in the mail after months collaborating on Steem, Airtable, and submitting to Amazon merch was exciting!


Winning Submissions!


Wearing Shirts Live on Amazon!


"Phoenix Wings" by @ritzzard at


"Phoenix Fire" by @iansart at


"Phoenix Hugs" by @aranda at


"Phoenix Joy" by @ricko66 at


"Phoenix Fireball" by @ritzzard at


"Phoenix Life Red" by @orcheva at


"Phoenix Spiral" by @ritzzard at

Sharing Earnings!

In addition to the Steem sent, each author got upvotes on submissions, receives 10% of the rewards on this post, and gets a $500 USD bonus paid in Steem/SBD any month that author's shirts earn $1,000+ in profits. With only me buying the shirts so far, this might be a bit of a stretch at the moment but who knows maybe one or two designs will take off?

Thank you to @steem-plus for making it easy for me to add authors on this post to receive a percentage of payouts!

Wearing the Shirts!

These are now my favorite shirts and I am wearing them every week along with planning to order more in different colors because my goal with the initial order was to test out each color and design.

I also love the prayer design I did at which has received the most compliments out of all the 100+ shirt designs I have made over the years. This design is what I wore for my stand up comedy at Steemfest 2!

Thank You for Reading!

I appreciate you looking at the beautiful artwork 5 of our graphic designers made to help me wear shirts I love every day!

Jerry Banfield

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Nice graphic.
It will be not too long before this shirt all over steemians.
Personally I don't like logo too much.
Will check you store for more.
Keep on steemin

this design is really good!

Sick shirt @jerrybanfield. Since you have the greenscreen setup, perhaps we should photoshop an image of you flying on a pheonix!


lol Doug I will love that!


Haha, I think that would be nice. Try it


Haha exactly what I was thinking.
I would say, this T-shirt is," Not so good".

That's great man keep it up.

Phoenix fire is on fire
Beautifuly designed every tire.

Hope it triumph as your steem
Jerry's design is much to admire...

I like it..

Thanks for shareing

Nice bro jerry

Nice succes...👌👌

your picture is very-very good ok I've vote you have. do not forget also dead end vote got me.

Shirts look real good, wish I could lay my hands on one...congrats to the winners and more exploits

Especially in love with this one...omg!!

Beautiful shirts.All of them makes very beautiful shirts :)

Sublime creative on display beautiful design congratulations to the winners well deserving it couldn't have been an easy task

Phoenix wings is the best design, i like it.

nice shirt @jerryanfield you are looking amazing in this shirt

They are fantastic shirts, but there is a similarity to the design where the designer depends on the orange color a lot 'may make the shirt boring for some, I want to see more design, I am a fan of design on shirts @jerrybanfield

Best so far

Wow.. Fire pheonix, Lovely.. i prefer the one on black shirt @jerrybanfield

The one that Orcheva made got me thinking of firefox/mortal kombat 🤔🧐
But it’s dope 🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

A wonderful contest

I hope to participate in it


Good luck brother..



"Phoenix Hugs" is best one here @jerrybanfield

Oh @jerrybanfield you look great in the pink shirt. Beautiful and unique artistic design,weldone to all who participated👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Yourpp post is very nice

You look like harry potter. Stay happy and peaceful.


Superb..!!You look stunning wearing it..Congrats to those who won the contest!

Love all 5 shirts Jerry and i guess this picture is copyrighted otherwise it would be my choice.


Good post

Nice one @jerrybanfield. The art works are really beautiful and well fitted on you.

And We love you too!

great outcome, Jerry... but to be honest no suprise to me at all being aware of the fact that there are sooooo many great minds, designers, artists and so on are on this platform... they just need some room and tasks to get creative ... the outcome you are already having in your hands

warm regards

congrats to all winners

I like the prayer design.

i love this particular design its so clean.

@jerrybanfield your smile in this photo is contagious. I love it


I love IMG_20180209_163406_649.jpg
This colour looks cool and the design is spectacular 👍👍@jerrybanfield

They all look amazing! It was great collaborating with you @jerrybanfield.


Thank you Ian for doing a design I love and enjoy wearing! Your design received a compliment on the street yesterday!


That's pretty cool to hear :)

Nice shirt bro
Visit my post if u have a time :)

cool shirts...

jerrybanfield appreciated those hard works of the designers...

nice shirt, you add cool, success always, please support my post

Jerry, you're perfect. I envy you very much


@canburaksimsek I pray I will remember that the next time my mind suggests otherwise!

nice friend, I really like your post

Hearty congratulations to the winners
Really look good

hy @jerrybanfield ..... you are great ! amazing t-shirt .....

Amazing designs on the top there, quite clean shaven, agile and athletic, one could even think you just landed a deal with one of the best modelling companies in town lol 😁😁😁😁😁


@josediccus lol maybe that is why I felt like taking the pictures was so silly! Like what am I a model or something now?


Lol you should think the future may be brighter a few cameras and flicks and you're on the runway 😂😂😂😂😂

Great works Man..

Wow! They are truly amazing and look great on! I have to say I love them all. So lucky.
Great work all of you 5 artists! xx🦅

Nice tshirt sir
U looking handsome

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amazing shirts
i like it
all the best dear

Great, @jerrybanfield, all the designs are really looking great and I am proud of being one of the designers. It looks really nice in real on the shirt. Thanks a lot.


@ricko66 thank you for the beautiful artwork I love wearing!

You look way more handsome than those processed photos you do in your usual posts. You need to get the light setup right man.

Go fashion @jerrybanfield you look good in them designs

You are great,y you know what it takes to succeed in the real world.

Its kinda sickening watching you get fuck tons of upvotes for shit posting but when i do it i get nada

Wow !!! this is awesome .

excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, mr, jerrybanfield

Amazing shirts Jerry. I would just like to say thanks, it was your videos that brought me to steemit! Check out my blog.

This is so super duper cool, well done sir, that's an open door to promote unique talents and motivation for hardwork. I salute u sir for the great work @jerrybanfied.

This post has received gratitude of 5.00 % from @appreciator thanks to: @jerrybanfieldroi.

Sick Shirt! This earns you a follow ;)

i like the shirts

The best Mr.jerry

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@jerrybanfield ... I love the design on those shirts! My personal favorite is "Phoenix Joy" by @ricko66 ... (^_^)

These shirts are awesome. You look good on it. I wish l can get like 3 of it, l will be glad.

Awesome bro.You are looking great

That is great that all this happened on STEEM. The designs are awesome and so is this community! Keep up the great work!!

focus on ur shirt

Cool shirts mate, great design!

In my country Indonesia Coat of BIRD GARUDA IN DADAKU, In steemit mr @jerrybanfield symbol of the PHOENIX bird on his shirt .. nice work comrade !!!🤗

Nice. I like blue, black and pink.

I have a phoenix 'eagle' tattoed on my back in colour. 😊20180209_210931.jpg


Hello jerry excellent contest I missed it, but I liked those shirts is one of my favorite mythological animals, about the SWC contest is still valid? I have decided to participate, I still do not see an answer or have the winners been chosen? greetings from venezuela @jerrybanfield

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Congratulations to the selected winners.
Do not forget to follow and vote on my steemit account.
I am a newcomer in steemit who needs a lot of help from my senior friends.
Thank you

Wow, you had some amazing entries. Those are great phoenix tshirts.

Great project @jerrybanfield, I am sorry I missed this. Would love to be involved in a future contest with similar parameters. The power of collaboration is incredible and this is a testament to that. Again, you bring a creative way of getting everyone to interact! Talk soon my friend.

These are really wonderful artwork T shirts @jeribanfield. And you are looking so cool in these amazing shirts. These are really wonderful phoenix graphic desighns. Really inspirational work I love this post.

very nice @jerrybanfield keep it up

touchwood, you look so cute

Nice shirt with cool design.

Sir tell me cast of post resteem

Amazing, I need me one of them phoenix shirt ☺

graphic is very interested work. i try to me for continue the work.


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Love it! We'd love to show some of your work at our Decentralized Art Shows, check it out...

Nice shirt, i like it.

All the colours are so cool and amazing shirts...keep it up 👍👍

Great designs @jerrybanfield! My favorite is the one in grey!

Hi @jerrybanfield today your post best. Upvote and resteemed done

I am a graphic designer, what good is your support for my colleagues. Without a doubt, these courses make us get the best out of our creative part. Congratulations to the winners.
Yo soy diseñadora gráfica, que bueno tu apoyo a mis colegas. Sin duda estos concurso hacen que saquemos lo mejor de nuestra parte creativa. Felicidades a los ganadores.

Way to go with the comedy, @jerrybanfield ! I think your videos are really funny.

I like the pheonix fireball a lot!'s so bold and perfect for a shirt. Great contest Jerry; I'll be participating in your next graphic contest.

oh, wow! you have the designs printed already? nice. :D thank you @ jerrybanfield for making this contest. it's a pleasure working with you. and congrats to the other winners :)