Must-SEA Photos [28 Photos of the Monterey Bay Aquarium]

You're going to want to watch this in HD (bottom right)

We knew the Pacific Coast Highway was a place of monumental beauty, but this little gem came unexpected.

As we drove northbound through Big Sur this Thanksgiving, we couldn’t help but see countless signs pointing toward one attraction in particular: The Monterey Bay Aquarium. After a smidgen of online research, we decided it seemed silly not to make a stop. Thus, we pulled over to sleep on Cannery Row (this adorable road deserves a blog post all its own) and decided to head to the aquarium first thing in the morning.

We thought about trying to convince you to go with long soliloquies and ego-shaming, but why don't we just show you? Check out these photos and try to tell us you don't want to go :)

30 Photos from Monterey Bay Aquarium

None of these photos have been filtered/enhanced/made worse in any way. Scout's honor.

This vaguely reminds us of a movie scene but we can't quite place it...

Not all schools were off for Thanksgiving.

When you thought you snuck in quietly but your mom's in the living room like:

red lionfish
Why you always lion? Oh my God, stop with all this lion.

When you thought you had control of your emotions, but you're still so jelly.

blue fish behind
I hate to see her leave, but I love to watch her go. Dat ass.

leopard shark
Leopard print has always been my thing.

egg yolk jelly
Eggs or jellyfish?

Seriously. Where do I know him from?

Peanut butter jelly time.

high five
When auditions for The Nutcracker are in 3 days.

duck feet
Pedi on point.

Suddenly this blog feels like the "Where Are They Now?" Finding Nemo edition.

jelly rave
When you're jelly all your friends are at Coachjella.

When you friend tells you a joke that sends you reeeeeeling.

shooting star
You're a shooting star, no matter who you are.

Puppy love.

Yellow, how are you? <-- Too corny? (get it...because it's yellow). Okay, okay, we'll stop. Or maybe we'll just proceed through this intersection cautiously (get it...because it's yellow).

When you didn't make the Nutcracker so you drop a fire mixtape.

2 jelly for your
2 jelly 4 u

boring blue
We got nothing. It's just a pretty fish.

downward jelly

Anissa's favorite sea creature. She tried to scream, but her voice was a little horse.

You know the only thing worse than nine tickles? Tentacles!


shine bright
Shine bright like a diamond.

Unnnddder the sea!

point jelly
Thank God this stranger wouldn't stop pointing to the jellyfish or we might not have seen them.

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