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beach jump

The Purpose of our Blog

My girlfriend Anissa and I originally got on steemit to blog about our travels (currently our choice to live and travel the country in our 1991 VW Vanagon) after a fellow user suggested people would find it interesting. To date our posts haven’t been about vanlife; they have been philosophical musings and old writings. Today that changes. We hope to give all of you interested in vanlife an honest and interesting depiction of the lifestyle and life on the road more broadly. If you want the thrills and chills of living on the road as we make mistakes and learn, you are going to want to follow us!

Our next post will be about how we transitioned from a much more “normal” apartment life to vanlife. For now, here are a few pictures from our first month on the road to hold you over. Enjoy :)

Meet our Family

Meet us:
tumblr pose

Sometimes we do cool things:
antelope canyon together

Meet Apple (she's way cooler than us):
apple bone

She sits in backpacks, listens to hip-hop, wears hoodies, & poops wherever she wants:
apple backpack

apple hiphop

We don't even know what that building is:
apple pooping

Meet Vannah Montana. She's a little high maintenance...
vannah montana

Like when she decides to take a nap right in the middle of Wyoming:
vannah wyoming

We will have plenty more tales of adventure, advice, roadhacks, and probably lots of mistakes to share. We hope to be a resource to all those interested.

Thanks for following!

ig: @escapingthemaytricks
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnM_v7lFzs2Kz6LvL9xCH4g

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@berniesanders can we ask why you flagged our post? It's the first time we have been flagged before and it has us a little down because we aren't sure why.


You are routinely supporting a known troll, @luminousvisions and voting on every one of his comments including those attacking me. Until this ends and votes are removed I will use mine as I see fit. I will not allow people to support aggressive trolls like @luminousvisions.


See, he even downvoted my comment here since he's too ignorant to understand a little peon like him doesn't affect me. I removed my downvote but if you continue to vote on the trolls posts I will continue to flag.


@berniesanders We are sorry about that. We had no idea. I believe a bot may have been upvoting that account's posts for us. We are working to get that fixed. Thank you for unflagging us.

Ok then boss, following then so. Look forward to some vanlife tales - not as many here on Steemit as I thought there might be?? Seems like all the vanlifers are too busy posting perdy pictures on instagram. Currently cultivating the dream of saving up and doing a van conversion, it's keeping me going through the horrendousness that is writing up a PhD!

You got another space in your van blog for one more follower? 'Cause I'm doing that now! :D

How fun, I look forward to hearing your stories and the adventures you share. I traveled in a big bus for many years and loved it. Welcome to Steemit and have fun. Upvoted, resteemed and following!


@luzcypher You traveled in a big bus? That's awesome! We looked into school buses briefly because they are shockingly affordable, but ultimately decided it wasn't a good fit. We wanted something more nimble. Plus Vannah's so cute.


If I was going to travel in a bus today, I would choose something smaller too. At the time, I had a group traveling with me in a band, so the extra room was good, but it was hard to find parking in the cities sometimes. I do miss my bus though. You guys look like you're having fun.

Sounds like you two have some interesting stories to tell, so I'll come along on the ride as well! As someone who's currently trapped in a rigid life of 9 to 6 drudgery, I'd love to get some insights into how you accomplish such a flexible, free lifestyle. Looking forward to reading more!


Thank you! we will be coming out with more videos about how much we spend per month etc but we want more data on that before putting those up. We will do our best to keep it fresh and interesting!

The dog is charming! :)

As more and more people seem to be headed this route... what a great learning experience or preppers guide it will be. you got my upvote and follow as I want to see how you manage... great idea.


Thank you! We figured people will be interested because we are new to the lifestyle too. We figured allowing people to grow with us and watch our mistakes would be helpful.

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Welcome to the community @jaredandanissa. Steemit is the place to share your adventures. See you around.

Awesome, looking forward to following you's on your journey! And Apple too! Up voted and resteemed! STEEMING ON!♨ 💙👍💙♨


@Karenmckersie Apple is the real reason to tune in.


Of course! Cutest dog ever! As soon as i move to my little property in the country i want a little dog just like yours! Maybe 2! Lol! One for my hubby as well! It could be awile dont even have a power shack in yet! But hopefully next summer! Steem on! 🐕🐶♨♨♨🐕🐶