Vanlife: 30 Days in 30 Photos

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We are a month into vanlife and have already learned a lot. We left from Austin, Texas in the early hours of October 1st. Right now we are in Venice, California. We wanted to let you guys in on the wild ride. Here's a taste of our first 30 days on the road in 30 pictures :)

30 days in 30 Photos

beach shower1
How do we shower? Sometimes using beach showers. Vencie Beach, California

For those that haven't met us, here's the family! La Jolla, California

Our first sunset on the road. Dallas, Texas

anissa driving
The road New Mexico

Desert life Arizona

Leaving the Imperial Valley in California. Imperial Valley, California

Slab City Slab City, California

initials in sand
We couldn't help but write in the sand. Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

apple drool7
When you're modeling for J Crew and nobody tells you about the drool. Fiesta Island, San Diego

hot dogs8
Hot dogs or legs? Fiesta Island, San Diego

nap right here
I'm going to take a nap right now! Anissa always. Fiesta Island, San Diego

sausage fire
Cooking sausage on a set of flaming stairs. Fiesta Island, San Diego

torrey pines9
Torrey Pines Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California

When Apple gets too into character singing 'Monster Mash' at the beach bonfire. Coronado, California

apple window-gazing
Apple contemplating her existence. La Jolla, California

When you're not feeling the dude hollering at you from across the bar and look to your girls for help. La Jolla, California

humble abode
Welcome to our humble abode. La Jolla, California

bye SD12
When your only job is to make a 'U', but instead you say the field goal is good. La Jolla, California

laguna night13
The view that made us stay awhile. Laguna Beach, California

laguna ocean14
Laguna Beach, California

Guess which one of us knew there was a timed photo coming? Laguna Beach, California

Fun in the...sun? Laguna Beach, California

apple sitting
Laguna Beach, California

apple and harry
We promise they're friends. Laguna Beach, California

apple sandy face16
Do I have something on my face? You guys would tell me, right? Laguna Beach, California

Run Forrest! Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, California

it rains
You know you're in Southern California when it rains for 10 minutes and everyone is pissed. Redondo, California

venice moon18
Venice Beach Venice, California

netflix and chill
Netflix and chill Venice, California

Plus Cool Bonus Photos!

Vannah and apple
Apple and Vannah Fiesta Island, San Diego

apple zoom
Roger, the ears are ready for take-off! Fiesta Island, San Diego

If you want to learn more about vanlife, follow us! We will be writing about how we chose our van (and maybe how to choose yours too), how we make money on the road, bring you roadhacks, and, of course, have lots of photos and videos to share :)


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The photos are cool, and perfectly captioned; I LOL'ed at some of them :D

Thank you! We are really glad you enjoyed them :)

Awesome pictures, looks like you two are having a great adventure! Man, I wish I could be relaxing on those beaches admiring the view instead of stuck on a crowded commuter train heading to work. Thanks for taking us along with you on your journey. One question: what's that big thing on top of your van in the bonus photo?

We are having a pretty awesome time! The lifestyle definitely has its tradeoffs, but for us they have been more than worth it.

The big thing on top of the van is called a poptop. The roof pops up and there is canvas attached from the sides of the top of the van to the roof forming a tent. There's a bed up there where we sleep sometimes (not always because the back bench folds down into a bed and we sleep there frequently). We plan on making a welcome to our home video soon where we will try to do a better job showing the inside, how we use the space, and where we store everything.

Cool, that poptop sounds like a great way to expand your available living space, almost like you're turning your van into a mini RV. Does it ever start to feel cramped or uncomfortable though? Getting used to sleeping in small spaces would probably be one of the most difficult aspects of this lifestyle for me.

I (Jared) am 6'4" so maneuvering can be cramped at times. Sleeping isn't hard for me because both the poptop and the back bench (when folded down) offer decent sized beds. If you are doing it with another person, I do recommend it being someone you have a very strong relationship with.

I would guess the hardest things for most would be: safety concerns, the lack of storage space for possessions, and not having a private bathroom.

Great photos! I know they are legs because if they were hot dogs the dog wouldn't be looking at the camera. :D

You caught us! Roscoe would have destroyed the hot dogs.