Autumn colors on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City

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Hello everyone!

I've been largely absent from steemit the past few weeks as I had a - good - professionnal shift that severely limits my free time, hence my steemit time. I've been diligent with my voting power though, as I've kept under 100% nearly all time, except for a few hours here and there.
Also I didn't want to miss @slobberchops #alternativeweekend posts ☺ And I also stumbled upon @modernzorker posts, and I think they're often a great read; I highly suggest following him if you haven't done so already.

As for the pictures, they are the reason why I am posting. They just provided me with a good occasion to post. The changing colors don't last long, but whether it's on the Plains of Abraham, or elsewhere in Quebec City, it's absolutely stunning. It doesn't last long though and soon we'll have white replacing orange, red and brown.

I hope to be able to post soon again, as I would like to share my thoughts on the past few wreks I've spent reading entries in the #introduceyourself channel... Sometimes it really looks like it's the Wild Wild west...

Happy sunday (or what's left of it!)

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Nice to see you back again, lovely colours on those 'red' trees.

Thanks for the kind words, @jalayn! Glad you enjoy my stuff, and delighted to hear about your positive job shift. :)

The pics are very nice. The leaves aren't quite ready to change here in the US where I am, but they're getting close to it. My wife loves to take pictures of them when they do, so maybe I'll have some to post when the time comes. :)

Hey, it's a pleasure and well deserved! And thank you for your kind words too!

I really think that mid-september to mid-october is my preferred period. The colors are great, changing fast, and the temperatures are neither too warm nor too cold. I'm sure you will also have some nice ones to share soon!

Hey @jalayn! I'm glad to see you at here finally again :D
I also had long rest in this summer, and when I back here, you were not here... so I was looking to see your post again... and thank you very much for sharing my post yesterday, it means alot to me!
What a beautiful colored leaves... I love the contrast of greens,red and the blue sky!
Again, welcome back and looking forward to see your post! Have a great week :)

ありがとうございます yo-yoさん! お元気ですか? :-)

I was here, but as a ghost, only voting here and there and keeping my voting percentage away from 100% :-) I don't know if I'll find time to write more often, but I am always happy to see you posting something new too. I too was asking myself where you had been, but I was pretty sure you were very busy !
I liked your recent post about crypto vs the self-sustained village you were living in.

I do have more pictures of the red mantle of leaves that fell on Quebec, because we (my wife, kid and I) try to see as many places as possible under these conditions. It's indeed very lovely!

Thank you for your kind message, yo-yoさん!



あのぅ、ところでいまさらですが、あなたのユーザネームを日本語読みすると、なんていう発音になりますか?「ジャラエン」さん? ははは、またいつか教えてください。

btw, I know I should have asked you a bit earlier but how we can pronounce your username in Japanese? "Jaraen" san or "Jaran" san? I'm glad if you would tell me when you have time!

And about

crypto vs the self-sustained village you were living in
I couldn't write details about this post, but there's some small village where started to use their own coins(real one, not crypto) for their each services, I'm interested in those new way of manage village business or economy. I'll write more some day concern about this topic.
Thank-you very much for your warm reply n I'm glad I could chat with you again, jalaynさん!


Glad you will write about your village and how they manage business and economy, it will certainly be interesting.

As for my nickname, I think ジャラエン would indeed be fine (I still have to learn katakana, I'm good with hiragana, but didn't learn yet katakana!)

ありがとうございます, yo-yoさん, 気をつけて! ^_^

ありがとう、ジャラエンさん! わかりましたw

Thank you for those beautiful pictures of Quebec City !

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