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Unbound Merino Clothing Review


Are you going to be on the road for a while? Or even on short trips for the weekend? No matter the length of the trip, packing light is essential. With Unbound Merino clothing, long gone are the days of over-packed hard case suitcases that you have to stand on to close.

You can find them online at:


Unboundmerino.com Review: Overview.

Established by a group of friends that followed rock bands around the country, Unbound Merino is their answer to the question of how to make packing lighter and more manageable. They had a vision for packing lighter clothing to inspire freedom, spontaneity, and adventure.

The main selling point of Unbound Merino is the wool they use. This wool comes from the Merino Sheep of Australia, prized for their remarkable wool; its a sought after material for clothing. But Why?

Unboundmerino.com Review: Merino Wool.

Merino Wool

Merino WoolHeld as a state treasurer in the 12 century by Spain before spreading to Australia, Merino wool is a miracle of nature. Here are some of the benefits of this material.

  • It helps regulate your body’s temperature.
  • It won’t wrinkle even after being stashed in the bottom of your bag for a week
  • Its anti-microbial property will keep it from smelling bad.
  • It drys FAST!
  • It’s Natural!
  • Beyond this, many other high-end clothing companies use this, such as Patagonia, Gucci, Chanel, and Y-3, to list a few. They use the Merino Wool in clothing to keep people warm.

In summary, Merino Wool is like wool 2.0. It’s like going from dial-up speeds on your internet to 5G service. It’s like thinking you know what clothing is supposed to be, then finally realizing what clothing is sposed to be!

Unboundmerino.com Review: Clothing Quality

See that last word in the subheading here? Quality. This quality is what Unbound Merino brings to the table.

Their clothing line is all about bringing a timeless look and feel to your style. Unbound Merion wants to provide you with the garments that will hold up over time, and be around for many adventures to come.

Just look at the stitching in the photo here.

Unboundmerino.com Review: My Testing.

To test this clothing, I put on one of the shirts and went to the gym. Did some solid cardio while wearing this shirt. Then put the shirt in a zip lock bag and left it outside in the sun for the rest of the day. (*Let them Mircobs and smell producing things grow!). The next day I took out the shirt and took a whiff of it.

What did I discover from this?

The shirt while it did not smell like roses; it had low to no order coming off it. The bag, on the other hand, well, let us say it won’t be used for sandwiches anymore.

Unboundmerino.com Review: Conclusion.

The clothing may be a bit more expensive than your standard wool shirts. However, the added cost comes with some fantastic benefits.

The natural anti-microbial property is most definitely a win in my book. Also, the lightweight, high durability, and natural fabric nature of the clothing make this clothing a substantial success in my travel book.

If you are looking for a method to keep your bag lighter by reducing your clothing needs and want to keep looking good while on your adventure, this is a win. I highly endorse Unbound Merino clothing.

You can find them online at:



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