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June 2016. This is one more of my favorite photos. I took this photo in June 2016 and a few days later I made of a poster which I tried to sell without success. I couldn't understand why people who wanted to buy some of my not so nice creations, didn't express some interest to this one. After a week I talked about this issue to a friend of mine who is an expert in marketing strategies. He asked me a few irrelevant questions and after he heard my answers he said to me: My friend, it's simple, it's because YOU DON'T WANT to sell this photo or poster! You are negative while you try to sell it! Your words don't inspire the buyer. Your attitude, your body language, your eyes' expression... everything on you seems to say: "don't buy it, don't take it, I want to keep it, it's mine definitely!" while you say in clear words the exact opposite. To convince somebody for doing or not doing something you must firmly believe in this something... You must firstly want to have a successful bargain in order to achieve it! Well, I didn't need more to understand how real was the analysis of my friend. It's true, I love this photo because among other reasons it reminds me of some personal moments. Thus, I don't sell it, unless if somebody proposes to me the very right secret price... -everything in this life has a price and there are just a very few things priceless... like the love, the friendship, and some more- I share with you this photo (Which I took with my smartphone camera -an old Nokia 1020 model with a unique super camera.) I hope you like it, have a nice weekend! -If you want to give me the super secret price for buying this photo or poster I 'll appreciate it! It could be a price guide for me!

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