The Coral Reefs of Egypt (EN-DE)

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Photo by ikarus56

After some impressions of the desert in my last post, I would like to go into snorkelling in my post today.

Nach einigen Eindrücken von der Wüste in meinem letzten Post möchte ich in meinem heutigen Post auf das Schnorcheln eingehen.

We have stayed in 2 hotels, namely Gorgonia Beach Resort and Three Corners Fayrouz. But only by the way.

Wir waren bisher vor allem in 2 Hotels, nämlich Gorgonia Beach Resort und Three Corners Fayrouz. Aber das nur nebenbei.

Source Google Earth

This is a section of Google Earth from Gorgonia Beach Resort. The reefs start right on the beach and are of tremendous beauty. This is, with little interruptions, the same along the entire coast.
Only the reefs in the north have lost some fish and coral species. Therefore you should choose hotels in further south of Egypt.

Dies ist ein Ausschnitt von Google Earth vom Gorgonia Beach Resort.
Die Riffe beginnen direkt am Strand und sind von gewaltiger Schönheit. Dies ist mit kleinen Unterbrechungen entlang der gesamten Küste so. Nur sind die Riffe im Norden nicht mehr so artenreich. Deshalb sollte man Hotels weiter im Süden von Ägypten wählen.

Photo by ikarus56

Photo by ikarus56

The special feature of the reefs is that they begin just below the surface of the water and thus the colors can be seen in their full intensity. Because with every meter of water depth, the colors disappear, with red disappearing first. These can then be recognized only with lamps.

Das Besondere an den Riffen ist, dass sie schon kurz unter der Wasseroberfläche beginnen und somit die Farben in ihrer ganzen Intensität zu sehen sind.
Denn mit jedem Meter Wassertiefe verschwinden die Farben, wobei Rot zuerst verschwindet. Diese kann man dann nur noch mit Lampen erkennen.

The wildlife is impressive. So you can lie comfortably on the water and watch the hustle and bustle. This is only possible by diving elsewhere. Since I have no underwater camera, I have 2 links to Youtube added. These show the underwater world from the point of view of the snorkelers at the house reefs of the hotels we were in.
I highly recommend it to you. Just watch and relax.

Da ich über keine Unterwasserkamera verfüge habe ich 2 Links zu Youtube angefügt. Diese zeigen die Unterwasserwelt aus der Sicht der Schnorchler an den Hausriffen der Hotels in denen wir waren.
Ich kann sie euch nur empfehlen. Schaltet einfach mal ab.


Most snorkelers wear neoprene shorty or UV shirts, which greatly reduce the risk of sunburn and I highly recommend this. In addition, it does not cool down so fast, since you are usually in the water for 1 hour.
As you see in the first picture, I prefer a shorty.

Die meisten Schnorchler tragen Neopren Shorties oder UV-Shirts, welche die Gefahr eines Sonnenbrandes erheblich mindern und kann dies nur empfehlen. Außerdem kühlt man nicht so schnell aus, da man ja doch meist 1 Stunde im Wasser ist. wie ihr im ersten Bild seht, bevorzuge ich ein Shorty.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and got some impressions of this wonderful part of the world.

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I sure did enjoy this blog, I love snorkeling and the beach. The place looks gorgeous ( love the lifeguard chair in the sand like a refrerence point )
I am in fact a bit jealous while I am coughing and the cold here is so bad. I need vitamine sun 😉


Yep. It's a great place to go in wintertime. You have the guarantee of sunshine.


Yes but with kids you can only go in the childrensholidays and thats so exspensive have to think of it


Yes, I understand that. On one trip we started our flight from Luxembourg because in Germany were holidays. That was a difference of over 100 € per person.


Yes , and we are a family of 6 soooo go figure.... 💰

Great post @ikarus56

I love scuba diving and snorkeling. Like you have pointed out, reefs that are in shallow water have more light cast upon them and still have all of their range of colours.

Lots of cool marine life in the vid as well. I love the Puffer fish and the Blue Spotted Ray.

I have never dived in the red sea and it is on my list. One day!



Thank you for passing by @cheese4ead. The reefs in the Red Sea are worth to visit. They are spectacular.

What a great post @ikarus56. I'm a keen scuba diver and snorkeler and this just took me right back to Egypt.

The Sinai is one of my favorite places to dive and I've had some of my most amazing dive encounters there.

Great stuff :-)


Thank you so much @raj808. So you know what I experienced there.

Awesome pics. Never visited that part of the world, but I’ve seen plenty coral reefs in Caribbean. I enjoyed your post 😊


Thanks, @starjewel. Yes, the reefs in Egypt are worth to visit.

So refreshing to see things in winter.

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Many thanks, @steem-plus.

What a wonderful spot to relax. I would love to visit there.


Fore sure @rebeccabe. You should visit there. It's a wonderful place.

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Thank you.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @ikarus56
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Many thanks.

It looks so peaceful and clean. I've only been to Cairo and well, that is a different world :) It's so crowded and dirty. I wouldn't say that these photos were taken in Egypt :)

When did you go there? It doesn't looks like summer time as it's empty :) Were there many tourists? I'm just asking as I've heard that many people reconsidered going to North Africa during recent years.

Thank you for sharing!


We have been there in 2 times in May, 2 times in November and 2 times in January in the last 6 years. Summer is much too hot. And you are right, the tourists are less in the last years.

Stunning beautiful photos and underwater videos. I wish you a good rest :)


Thank you so much @veta-less. Much appreciated.

How deserted. Where are the people?


It was in the midseason and many people are afraid to go to Egypt. In addition, this location is far to the south of Egypt and thus altogether calmer.


That was my impression too @ikarus56. The absence of people gives your photographs such a surrealistic touch. Which I love. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


I didn't realize there were coral reefs in Egypt - what an amazing place to visit! It's winter here in New Hampshire, USA so I really appreciate the sight of sun, sand, and the beautiful blue ocean - thanks for putting a bit of warmth into my day, @ikarus56!


Thank you @traciyork. Yes, Egypt is a wonderful country. Full of ancient sights and nature with great contrasts. The pyramids, the Nile and the Red Sea are unique.

Hey, im Three Corners waren wir im letzten Jahr. Das war schön dort.

Der Tagesausflug zu den Delphinen war der "Burner"