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Hello dear Steemians,

Today comes the seven part about my favorites here at Steemit. There will mainly be contributions from the fields #photography, #travel, #food and #deutsch as this cover most of my interests. I also hope to increase the reach of new Steemians here so that their wonderful works are also seen by others. The links to the originals, you always find at the end of the blog. Today's "content creators" are @luxurylifestyle, @mel1ss, @addictedtophotos, @mgo, @davidgermano, @nisarunnisah88, @jdc, @readytotravel, @mrwanderlust and @retired20usaf. So love Steemians, have fun while viewing their posts.


Hallo liebe Steemians,

heute kommt der 7. Teil über meine Favoriten hier bei Steemit. Es werden vorwiegend Beiträge aus den Bereichen #photography, #travel, #food und #deutsch sein da dies, die meisten meiner Interessen abdecken. Ich hoffe so, auch die Reichweite neuer Steemians hier zu erhöhen, so dass ihre wundervollen Werke auch von anderen gesehen werden. Die Links zu den Originalen, findet ihr immer am Ende des Blogs. Die heutigen „content creators“ sind @luxurylifestyle , @mel1ss , @addictedtophotos , @mgo , @davidgermano , @nisarunnisah88 , @jdc , @readytotravel , @mrwanderlust und @retired20usaf . Also liebe Steemians, viel Spaß beim Betrachten ihrer Beiträge.










Here are the links to the original contributions and the creators

Source Photo 1
Source Photo 2
Source Photo 3
Source Photo 4
Source Photo 5
Source Photo 6
Source Photo 7
Source Photo 8
Source Photo 9
Source Photo 10

In the future you will find the majority of my pictures and reports under the #passionforphotography


Thanks @homeartpictures !! Believe it or not my picture was actually taken on an Iphone 7 plus. Crazy how good technology is these days.
Great post! You've gained a new follower :)

Yes the quality of the pictures from the smartphone is really great

Great pictures :D

I agree, good one indeed

Sehr schöne Bilder. Allen hier benannten Steemians: Daumen hoch! Echt stark

Thank you @homeartpictures my post is in your favorites list and I just saw it today. I started following your blog :)

wow da haste dir ganz schön arbeit gemacht damit :)

vielen ist wirklich nicht einfach... das musste ich auch schon feststellen....

Many thanks for the mention @homeartpictures! Like I said before, I'm really honored! Cheers

you are welcome!

Your post @homeartpictures is very good, I love it. Thanks for sharing. I hope your experience becomes knowledge for all of us. I have come and Upvote in your interesting post. And do not forget to follow and upvote do the same to me. Hopefully steemit remains the foremost.

Thanks @homeartpictures for this list
I am eagerly waiting that someone give me list of most famous steemers of food ,travel and photography . So, i can follow them...

Thanks @homeart

thanks for mentioning me, my friend :-)

sehr schön, vielen Dank das ich dabei bin

O, I am very surpriced and honored, so thank you thank you so much. It`s very kind of you.

you are welcome....

Can you please send me the corn to eat? it looks so delicious and i am hungry!!!! haha

I've already eaten my friend

Awww Awwaaaaa ouch Ete Brute!!!
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Success to you my friend

Thats all we need, environment ! Das ist alles was wir brauchen, schone Umwelt :-)

Thank you so much again for your support :))