OPULENT QUEEN - Photography by me

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Hi fellow Steemians!

Another picture I recently made and was still waiting for being shared with you!  

I fell in love with the necklace we used for this shoot, it reminded me again of the baroque period, on which this shoot was inspired.  I still think there are things that can be improved, but I would like to get your opinion about that! 

If you haven't seen my previous posts of this shoot, don't forget to check them out:
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As in the whole series, I use a different editing technique where I'm trying to create this 'perfect' and 'painterly' look. Do you think I achieved that? And if so, should I continue using this technique or try something else? Do let me know in the comments! 

                      "Opulent Queen"

                                Model: Elizabeth Shuhlin
                              Mua & Hair: Eline Van Gils
                                 Styling: Styling 10, Pics
          Photographer: Gaëlle Spaas Photography (me)

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Amazing work! The passion you have for photography reflects beautifully on your work. :)

Thank you so much! Really makes me feel good to hear that! n.n

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woah she is ... perfect! who is she?

she looks like a painting, or like an Elf like Arwen or Galadriel (even prettier!)

It's a friend of mine, it was the purpose to create this painterly effect. ;)

Well good job, and well achieved! I would say though, the hair-do brings down the photograph a little; maybe a pony-tail would fit better? She looks astonishing either way, and I see her hair was taken out of the way so the necklace would show more, but ... well, just a thought.

A pony-tail would be a bit basic, wouldn't it? It's still the main goal to achieve a "baroque" style. But thanks for sharing your opinion!

Haha no problem, it's just that I feel pony-tails are simple yet sophisticated... That's a man's perspective anyways...

and it would achieve the same goal of keeping her hair out of the way, while leaving her hair (a great asset) intact. ;)

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