PASTEL DREAMS I - Photography by me

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Finally time to share another portraiture I recently made. 

Step by step I'm finding the right way of editing my pictures, I absolutely love painterly photographs and this is something I really try to achieve in my work. This shoot was inspired of the "Baroque" period and we (me and my team) found this lovely 70's wedding dress in a vintage store for only 50€! I was so thrilled to shoot with this beautiful dress. <3

I tried to enhance my editing in this series to get a more "perfect" and "painterly" look that fits so good with the theme. 

Please do tell me what you think and if you have questions about the process or anything linked with this shoot, do ask them!

                      "Pastel Dreams I"

                                Model: Elizabeth Shuhlin
                              Mua & Hair: Eline Van Gils
                                 Styling: Styling 10, Pics
          Photographer: Gaëlle Spaas Photography (me)

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If I were you I'd post links to here on FB and IG, not the other way around!

I do like your work a lot, the models you chose (or that are somehow chosen) are magnificent, flawless ... And I actually like blondes a lot so I am biased.

I have to say though: I absolutely hate that background behind her! She seems to blend into it, and it is too blurry! Looks awful, but hey, the model saves the day, as well as the dress/apparel, and the angle you took the pic in. Happy Monday to you!

It's "too" blurry because I chose for that. It's a style attribute to my work. Next to that, if you absolutely hate it, you can also tell me what could've been better. ;)

Well, take a look at Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. She has some dark, yet horizontal (NOT angled) background behind her. Or Girl with the pearl earing, it's all black. Same as Rene Descartes' portrait. They are homogeneous, not angled like yours. Also, some vegetation like the Mona Lisa's could have worked. My thoughts anyways, your work remains your own and it is looking fantastic. Cheers, and happy CHRISTmas