PASTEL DREAMS II - Photography by me

in photography •  2 years ago 

I know many of you thought I stopped with Steemit because of the extreme long time I wasn't posting anymore. The truth is, I have been working so much for my studies and editing as crazy thanks to the many deadlines I got. 

I'll never stop sharing my work on Steemit, so now you know that. ^^

The next one I would like to share is a portraiture of the series 'Pastel Dreams', I recently shared my first one of this series, if you haven't seen it -> Check it out.

I also printed this one for my schoolwork at 40cm/60cm measurements. Why? Because I really loved how this one got a really vintage look, like it's almost as if it's a colored glamour shot from the 30's/40's, right?

As in the whole series, I use a different editing technique where I'm trying to create this 'perfect' and 'painterly' look. Do you think I achieved that? And if so, should I continue using this technique or try something else? Do let me know in the comments! 

                             "Pastel Dreams II"

                                           Model: Elizabeth Shuhlin
                                        Mua & Hair: Eline Van Gils
                                           Styling: Styling 10, Pics
                         Photographer: Gaëlle Spaas Photography  (me)

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Great shot, composition and retouch is just excellent!

Ahw, well thank you! <3

Very good. The beautiful and natural way of shooting, I myself quite enjoy with this picture gives a different feel on this day. I think there will be a lot of creative ideas in every other post from you on the next day or from photos or anything else, I will keep following in every interesting thing from you. Have a nice day.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my work since that's the purpose of sharing it. :)

Thank you again buddy

So much beauty in this photo, almost angelic!

Thank you !

A wonderful picture, you are a very talented photographer!

Thank you!

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Great and amazing ur post
Good luck @gaelle.spaas👍😉

Same as before I am too sleepy right now to read, I'll read tomorrow, but the quality of your photography is flawless. The hair, the ring, the tiara! It all matches to create this whole... character! You would make a great makeup-costumes artist/designer for a film studio!

I can actually imagine it; did you like The Lord of the Rings? There is a series supposedly coming out, your art would fit that like a ring in a finger! Also, Game of Thrones maybe (this girl reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen) or an eventual adaptation of The Silmarillion. (Okay now I am talking too much, cheers!)


By the way, you did achieve the "painting" effect you were after. She looks like a perfect work of art.

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