Not All Frozen

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More frigid pictures from my morning walk along the little creek that runs through our small town.

It was such a beautiful morning, sun shining and -15 degrees Celsius. I love how peaceful it was on Saturday morning, when usually this is a pretty popular destination for dog walkers and jogging.

Taken with Nikon D7200 and Nikkor 55-200mm 4-5.6G.





Sidenote: The response I got to yesterday's post was nothing sort of heartwarming, supportive and genuine. I'm amazed that somehow all the spammy comments where missing this time too, could we keep it that way?

Thank you.

Ps. I just arrived to Helsinki and tomorrow we leave for Thailand! Someone is pretty excited over here..


I also went for a walk today with my dog, it was -12 Celcius! my face was freezing, and I took similar pictures of our river!
Thank you for sharing your experience and keep up the great pictures!

Have a blast in Thailand!

Lighting on the creek looks so nice

Its about to go down eve

I wish you have a nice trip! It will be a huge change from minus 15 degrees Celsius to I don't know how many, I guess +30 :D

I had to wait for the bus to go to work this morning at around -15 degrees Celsius and it was horrible :))

Hyvää matkaa, pitäkää huoli ittestänne.

very good snow square. the best part of winter.

I love #5, it's like looking through a window, or like something out of a fantasy story. It feels like something secret is on the other side, inviting the viewer to lean a little further, peer a little closer. Thanks again for sharing this with us, as always. :)

Amazing pictures! I like the first one the most.

Safe travels Eevee! Can’t wait to see your photos!
And just in case you change your mind and decide to show us some Thai cuisine.... I’ll leave this here ;)

Beautiful pictures you have and hey, couple of days ago i said its gonna be cold in Estonia. So i throw in a little calculation of current situation here. -18C + 17m/s wind = -45C actually felt cold with wind factor. I really didn't expected this strong wind today haha. Im waiting for ice roads to be opened on the sea.

The first photo! At first I thought you took it from a plane afar above, then I saw the branches. Also, the last photo... sunlight breaking through... quite different. Thank you @eveuncovered.

Enjoy your vacation.

beautyful pictures...i like it

frozen water looks very interesting.
What would you do to me if I would kidnap your plants or your shoes?:P

So cold of you.I am a bit disappointed. I was sure that you would want to end me personally.

WoW I live them , they could be beautifulon a wall as a picpainting. Am may I say I am jealous going to Thailand ... I want that to here in the Netherlands its -8 ❄️☃️ Have fun

thailand? fantastic. have a lovely time eve.

Melting? Maybe spring is on the way, long last. Those are beautiful photos.

science fiction, fantasy, erotica
new post of Andromeda is up ...
running for her life across the chain bridge, Budapest

Very nice photos! Enjoy your trip in Thailand!

awesome photos and safe travels!


Very beautiful picture. My country do not have this kind of atmosphere.
Thanks for sharing.

safe travel , and have a wonderful time

I'll be interested in seeing Thailand as I want to get away from this god awful cold weather. Don't soak up too much sun :D

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Beautiful frost pictures, strange square pattern on the ice :)

Your lovely pictures strike a chord as we are having the heaviest snowfall for a very long time here in the UK.....I'm sure it is a mere nothing compared to the snow you get in Helsinki. Enjoy yourself in Thailand.

Absolutely stunning!

Lovely we actually had Finland weather today -6 ok not that cold but for us. And then on the way home I walking into a snow drift and nearly got stranded in snow up to my waist. Proper Snow

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