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Yesterday was an interesting evening because my post made it to the trending page and I got SO MUCH SHIT for it. I guess that is what you get when you "make it" to the top, my 15 minutes of fame.

Was it my best post, NO, but at least it was something I made myself. If you think my content is not worthy, use your flags, or go tell the people who upvote me that they should stop because you don't like my posts. See how that goes.

A thing that a lot of people don't realise it that even if you don't like something, or you are not interested in a certain topic, it doesn't mean it can't have value to someone else. For example, I don't care much for watching someone play a video game, or writing an in-depth review about a up and coming shitcoin , but I understand that there are a lot of people that like that kind of content. The fact that I don't like something, doesn't mean the content itself doesn't have value.

This is the fucking internet, a place where anyone and everyone can share and find things that interest them. If you don't like something, move on and find the thing you like. (Scammers, spammers and thieves are or course another story, and those idiots need to be dealt with accordingly.)

Another thing people don't get in Steemit, is that the reward rarely is about that one post, but rather about the person behind the post and his/her whole history on this platform. I now have nine months behind me on Steemit. Nine months of creating ORIGINAL MOTHERFUCKING CONTENT, something new almost every day, being active, curating, commenting, networking. Instead of bitching about someone else getting a reward from a post they have made, I have used my time doing my own thing, learning something new every day, making myself better. This is my baby, the baby I will nurture and teach to be a responsible adult.

Mind you, I am no saint, but I know that I could make five posts per day (for reference: see haejin) and reap insane rewards, but I don't. I could easily post one picture per post, and do it ten times a day, instead of posting a photographic story once or twice a day, but I don't. I respect You, Steemit, and I respect the people who upvote me and feel that I am worthy of their support. Half of the posts on trending page seem to be there because of bought votes, I have never asked anyone to upvote me, let alone bought a vote.

I refuse to feel bad and apologise for my success, I have no heavy heart for working damn hard to make it where I am now.

PS. The picture is from an old post of mine.

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Keep going. You're doing great.

People need to open their heart and accept the success of others..

That's so hilarious to me. I get frustrated with a lot of the content that makes it to trending, mostly posted by high SP users that people don't dare say an unkind word to (usually the opposite, they grovel at their feet pathetically and complain that no one ever stands up on this platform).

With your material, I understand why people would put it on trending. An attractive, artistic woman shares slice of life posts with a risque element. What's not to like? There's value there. In the specific case of what you posted, you made a time-lapse video related to travel, a popular topic.

What do you have to be sorry for, that you didn't write eight pages of crap and drivel that no one was going to read then upvote yourself for several hundred dollars? Ridiculous.

I agree. You've got nothing to be sorry for. Hater's gonna hate. As you continue to rocket forward, expect this to get worse. But don't worry, you've got folks in your corner.

Thank you so much for your comments, made my heart smile (if that wasn't a thing before, it is now).

The things is that "the haters", don't really do much harm in the way of rewards, but are quite annoying and eat up time and energy from the good stuff. Sure, I should just ignore all that, but it's pretty hard. We'll have to see if this is a recurring thing.

Amen. What he said! :) But I did write my support below too.

Speak your mind


I need to make the trending page one of these days so I can say I’m not fuckin sorry 😂

Just wait for some hate comments and you can do this too :D

Oh beleive me... we in the same boat at times. Fuckem lol

Thats shit, there r many people on steemit that dont like to see people make a success of their posts. Fuck them all...

I love Irish eloquence ...😂😂

Mind you, I am no saint

Upovoting, regardless.

Thank you Gandalf, your genuine upvote always makes me smile! 🤗

Yea Gandalf is da man.

I like your honesty to the comunity! Hahah fuck that are jelly just do what you want and indeed.. there is a flagging function so what the heck..

Well Stated @eveuncovered. Agree with all you said. Blockchain facilitates creative liberty and freedom of speech. Freedom is the fundamental building block of artistic expression. You do what you do and don’t let anyone stop you.

I'm with you... there's nothing to apologise for something that you earn by yourself. You got what you deserve and yeah, it just some people doesn't like to see your achievement. If my writings are good enough just like you, I'll do the same to make it visible. Nothing wrong with that. You made your post visible and the other people brought you to the top because they like it.

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How true and honest. :)
Thank you for this article, it's your opinion that we are each able to express.
I think that as soon as someone whom there is a goal to achieve or do.
Else deserves it, because a lot of buys-upvote, but another really honestly obtained, although the same has already formed such groups for that support friends.
But others do care about what they do, above all, that the same be yourself.
If someone does not like, then do not look. Keep going.

Some people are just petty and jealous. Its kind of sad really. You burned them pretty hard with your responses though :D lol

There will always be jealousy when ever money is involved. I try to make the best of the haters and have a little fun with them ;)

Consider it a mark of success ;) If you are making people jealous then you are obviously doing something right! :) And the fun you have with them is entertaining for the rest of us.. I could read your posts just for your replies to haters alone! lol

Sorry Not Sorry is the new apology of strength.

Preach. Great you're standing your ground.

Well done! One day I will make that trending page..... one day.

Beautiful and inspirational. I love your work. I’m new to Steemit and am so very happy to have this content here. Your art is art. I’m going to go get a Polaroid camera soon. Thanks for the inspiration. I also love your confidence.

Nah. You are such a badass, keep being one.

Thank you darling!

I am so glad you're not sorry! Cry babies <3 <3 <3

phenomenal & great!

embracing & embracing!

<3 You keep doing you girl! I really do enjoy your posts, and I know they are backed by a lot of hard work!

Thank you so much! :) I see you doing some great work in here also :)

Well said! I think wherever you find success you'll always find a lot of bitterness, but most of it is only a reflection of the people who are making the noise, not the person they are judging! Personally I prefer your landscape/adventures, but people follow you for all different reasons, like you said, they are following the person! Either way you have nothing to prove to anyone and certainly nothing to apologise for! You put a lot into Steemit and deserve to get a lot back!

Fuck 'em!

Oh, and congrats on trending!!

I don't mind at all that someone follows me just for certain kinds of pictures, though they might be disappointed at times when I only do the other stuff for a while. There are surely some adventures on my way and I can't wait to share them for you to see :)

And thanks, I guess it's a good thing to be on the trending page, maybe :D

I think you probably get more people who love your adventures than you think! That’s the great thing about Steemit though, you get to post whatever you’re feeling and if people like it then that’s a bonus. Being on the trending page is always a good thing! Sure, you’ll get some assholes, but you’ll get a lot of people who actually take the time to check out your blog! You’re a great Steemian to follow!

It is truly fantastic that I have this platform where I can share the things I enjoy and you guys like and want to see more of me and my life! I've had a pretty great response to many things that I thought might not be so interesting to you. Like the first time I shared some pictures of the Finnish nature (and not myself included!) and people loved it, that was a nice surprise for me :)

If you don't like something, move on and find the thing you like

nuff said. i think your photos are fire. simple.

Thank you, as always! :)

Put your energy in to what you believe in, block out the negative noise, focus hard, and keep at it... success will eventually come and find you, the less you focus on it, the more interest it will have in you :) my words, not anyone else's... thank you for your words, and your photos, i'm following!

Art is in the eye of the beholder, just be true to yourself. Looking forward to your next post.

Tell'em! No need to piss on someone's one time success. Not everyone cheats. Trust me I'm all against certain 'popular' folks that post crap and always make more than truly talented folks.

I'm in 100% agreement with everything you stated! People have a right to decide who and what they like, and people shouldn't be so butt hurt over the success of others. Like you can help the fact you're beautiful and people are drawn to you. Its not like you're just standing there nude; you're a model, its an art, and people should respect that.

Now you are making me sound horrible with that "Like you can help the fact you're beautiful and people are drawn to you"😅 I'd like to think it's my dazzling personality that makes people follow me 😉


Fuck all of them begrudged people, sideways. Jealous people make me sick, they try to get you down. You go girrrlll

Is that your catchphrase now? 😅

Thank you for the love🤗

For me you're awesome (and sexy) and I got no problem with your posts. I'm not a saint too and I think you're right. I don't think you deserve a flag but I think you deserve an upvote.

Well said,there is so many plagiarized and non original bullshit on steemit and i think too that there is many people on here who are so jealous of people achieving success and they feel need to say some shit to them. I thing people making original and quality content do deserve this money, especially after putting so much effort in here. Continue in the same spirit and let these haters fuck off.

When ever someone is successful, in any area of life, many only see the little glimpse of "the good life" and forget that it probably took a lot of work to get there. Couple little haters won't slow me down, or they need to start throwing bigger rocks ;)

I wholeheartedly agree with you! Who is to say what has value? You have earned another follower!

A thing that a lot of people don't realise it that even if you don't like something, or you are not interested in a certain topic, it doesn't mean it can't have value to someone else.

But, since it is the internet, it is way easier to just hate and troll, than to actually create original content.
I can understand your frustration with this kind of behaviour, but you know, you have already achieved way more, than they will in their whole miserable life.
Just think "Fuck it", smile and walk away leaving the haters in the dust :)

You're an amazing artist and photographer.
When you shoot nature? You COULD just shoot the same 3 sunset pictures over and over and call it a day, but you don't. Instead you find angles on the beauty in the world and sharing it with people who more than likely will never see Finland.
When you do your slice of life pics? You COULD just shoot pictures of your pets and call it a day. You don't. Instead, you show the realities of being an artist that can never, and would never want to, shut that creative urge off, and find a shot in what most would consider the mundane.
Your portraits, SFW, Mature, and NSFW? You COULD just stand nude in front of a mirror and let the camera do the work, and call it a day. But you don't. Instead you heed the truth that art is telling the truth about yourself, you share intimacy with the world, and you show care in making sure that every image is a split-second of a story, both yours and in those who see inspiration.
And that's why I follow you and upvote when I can, and feel lucky that I was referred to your work. Art is a hammer, so slap those naysayers in the face. :)

I'm sorry but the only word I see in your comment is MATURE, and I can't get over it before you explain what the hell that has to do with my portraits?!

Mature is usually used for art that is adult, but not graphic, like nude paintings, tasteful nudity, pretty much. :) For example, the portraits in "Far From Perfect" would be considered mature, as it's a woman in a shower, wet clothes, but it's done for artistic reasons, as you state in the description that you were trying to evoke a 1990s vibe. Only reason I used it is I see it in some art communities I follow, where they delineate between general, mature, and adult/NSFW regarding subject matter.
Hope that clears it up. :)

The rest of the internet uses that word very very differently! I was dying over here, slapped on some retinoid cream all over my body and almost ordered botox from the dark web! Phew, glad we got that cleared up.

Otherwise your comment was very touching and I'm glad it's safe in the blockchain for me to come back later if I need a little pick me up. I'm so happy when ever someone sees that I really do put in the time and effort to create something real and different. Thank you.

Just make an angry duck face and ignore them trolls...

Well, kudos to you, screw assholes, and I hope this post is even trendier than the other one. I think you're awesome. Truly. 🦋💙

eye rolling intensifies


Sometimes I hate people...

Don't hurt your eyes with too much rolling!

Come join me in the trending, we need them cute monsters in there!

You make great original content and am happy for you that you made it to the trending page. Don't ruin the experience by the naysayers, make your own thing, keep Steeming 😍

When I was young and foolish I was very concerned about others opinions and didn't want to upset anyone. others used to say how I should live my life. And just I responded with some polite bs like "yeah you probably right" or "I will think about it" and later just did what I wanted to do. It was better than actually living my life acording to someone else's will but it still was not entirely my life. After some time I discovered the pleasure of saying "No. I will do things my way. If you like it thats great. If not you should get out of my way". It was one of the best moments in my life. Trying to please someone else at a cost of your own happines is the worst possible crime. the only person we must please is the one we see in the mirror everyday. Everybody else are lucky enough if we allow them to be part of our lives.
You are not selling slaves, drugs or guns so you are not doing anything wrong. Some miserable little shits will complain no matter what you do. They are a waste of time and energy. But as long as you are happy with what you do nothing else matters.


Well said!
Everyone is different, everyone has different likes. Like you said, some like video games, others don't. It's what makes this world interesting.
I find it infuriating that there are people out there that manage to get away with posting clearly plagiarised content. I know there are some that try to stop it, but it doesn't always work, there needs to be a better system.
And if someone doesn't like a post, purely because they don't agree with it, don't like the content, then they just need to move on!
Keep posting original content. Don't let them get you down!

I respect your post and love your mindset, I think you've got to this success because you have worked hard on yourself.

I am one of the followers of @haejin , This dude is insane and love what he provide.

Best regards

There's always more than one way to the top, but people are always ready to diminish anothers climb, as if their own method for reaching the top was somehow more just and more credible; more deserving. But you can only do as you do, nothing more and nothing less. In the end it's for each to their own.

To be fair... your mom and dad helped "create" some of your content as well. Be sure to share your SBD with them. 🤣

Keep doing what you do! Haters gonna hate!

You are absolutely right! And of course I share some of my earning with them :)

Really ,i like your policy which state this "If you don't like something, move on and find the thing you like .because ,some people through their comment you will literally notice that the person has a natural dislike of that topic but instead minding his or her business ,the person will drop shit comment which is too repulsive when i see such and i guess other people have encountered such as well.thanks very much for sharing your personal opinion in order to move this platform forward.

The on thing that always comes thru on your posts is , Your pure honest , straightforward , heartfelt and passionate opinion . It is refreshing and respected by me . People will always have something to say about someone else and it is mostly negative . The price of making your own way

Thank you for your support and kindness wolfie🤗 It's easier to stand tall when I have a pack of wolves with me😉

Hello, your post is very successful, there are people who do not stop to read, or vote for the publications of others. They think that they have no value or contribute anything to have a minute and read or see any publication, I think maybe those people already have their good reputation and do not mind helping others. I identify with your publication and today I just post something about the motivation that we need to move forward. I invite you to read it. Thank you.

Generally those of us who feel good and comfortable in Steemit are the ones who work on original quality content, no matter how many figures have won that content, but if with the certainty that you are doing well in some way, besides interacting and being able to evaluate other content is also a very interesting option, for now everything is going well and while we keep the rhythm everything will flow along the right path.

Go mama! Speak your truth!Don't let any of these losers try to get you down. After only 3 months of everyday posts myself and doing all that you are doing, you go!! I haven't gotten there yet but I totally applaud you and just get yours. I happened to just be skimming the hot page bc of one of my fellow group members said she is on here and i do not see it. LOL
Anyhoos, you came up as something original and true. I hear and feel it or I wouldve moved on. Keep doing you girl! xx Eagle

Ha. This is great, ranks as one of the best yet on Steemit. A+ for honesty. Definitely following now! Blessings!

Well said & well deserved. I also appreciate you being so open (or uncovered if you will :)

Be proud of yourself and your work. Keep grinding.

I am, and I will :)

Congrats on your success! I like seeing people do well here.

Thank you so much Neoxian :)

You worked hard to earn the reputation you have. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Congrats to you for making it to trending.

You kept it all the way💯

Don't feel sorry.

So many great comments. What can I add? Keep on rockin' Don't stop postin' You're great

science fiction, fantasy, erotica

I know, there are some amazing, supportive people in here too! :)

Yeah we can always find which contents interest us and enjoy them. I also realized that many posts are just created for nothing😌

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Love you when you're pissed off... angry...furious ...tai kun näytät tunnetta yhtään mitenkään=D Mä kyllä tiän sen, et on ihmisiä jotka ei tykkää aina kaikesta siitä mitä sä teet...jostain syystä ymmärrän vaan hyvin. En kuitenkaan ymmärrä ihmisten tarvetta heittää paskaa vaikkapa tässä, jos ei pidä tästä. Suodata kuites järkevä kritiikki aina sieltä paskastakin silti.

I know you do😈 Kyllä mä kritiikkiä voin ottaa vastaan (sulta, ja senkin huonosti..), mutta kun jutut oli tasoa "Otit vaatteet pois ja sait 300 dollaria, mitä vittua!?", niin eipä siitä ihan kauheesti kostu.

Jätän vain hänet tähän _img.jpg

Don’t stop doing your thing.

Haters gon' hate.
I am assuming you are talking about the time lapse video since it was a huge earner for you. What a cool video. You keep doing you and let it roll off your back. Based on the comments in this post, there is so much more love than hate for you and your blog. Some wise person once said, if you don't piss anyone off then you aren't living right. You must be doing something right. Rock on, eve. Rock on.

Yes, you are right, the response to this has been nothing sort of amazing and heartwarming! And in general, I do get much more love than hate, and I’m very thankful of that.


It could be worse.

Take this for example:


Hope you didn’t grow out of this cuteness!

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You're a good writer @eveuncovered, know this ☝️for a every challenge, life is showing a new way to do things, one thing is sure you'll get there and those that beef you for it will regret it.
I celebrate your work👏.

I love your content, please don't lisen to the haters, they are always going to hate. Keep making this place beautiful.

The emergence of haters is a signal that you have achieved a certain level of success. If you have not accomplished anything, then, almost certainly, nobody would be paying enough attention to give you criticism.

When there are people hating on you and what you do, then it is a sign that you are on the path toward success. Use this sign as a validation that you have been doing the right types of things.

Greetings from Venezuela.

That is why I don’t mind the haters that much, I’ve actually kind of been waiting for them! People in general have been a little too nice to me in here.

Hi to Venezuela, there is a lot of you in here! :)

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 > Another thing people don't get in Steemit, is that the reward rarely is about that one post, but rather about the person behind the post and his/her whole history on this platform.

I bet that it is more about clothes on your corp than the person behind your post.

> If you don't like something, move on and find the thing you like.

Down-vote are not implemented for nothing, it's just that the Steemit has been maid with a far left mentality of "everything should be positive" any critical judgement is "pure evil". Yeah that's why we've commercial shitty "new age" alike stuff.

Don't be a fucking object without brain.

I rarely where clothes on my posts so I’m sure it is not about that :)

That's the point --'

You made it to the peak, too bad there's nothing but discarded oxygen bottles and skeletons :)

I can imagine it being a hollow victory after getting slammed for it.

I wasn't there at the very start, but I saw you in the early days and understood that you were doing your own thing - enough to inspire me writing things on your threads.

Just remember that for all the hate, all they're doing is letting you live in their minds rent-free. If that's all they can do, then you've already won.

I'll tip a drink to you tonight - keep kicking ass.

Classy Champagne

don´t worry Be Happy, kisses for you

People gave you crap for having a successful post? That sounds like you really have arrived at the top, at least for a little while.

Don't let it stop you from laughing all the way to the bank!

Lucky reward pool.

I think that your post was fire. Dont fret too much sometimes people on here are wayyy too PC. But steemit is evolving. Your doing great!

People can be crazy at times, because they don't like something will make they feel others shouldn't be privileged to that particular thing.

Because you fail at something or don't have interest in a particular thing doesn't make you a judge to hinder other from having access to it.

I've only been on steemit a month and I'm glad your were one of the first people I decided to follow. I live in the USA and have witnessed the vitriol toward the US by nations and people less fortunate. What they don't realize is that it is not because of luck, but because of our freedom to pursue what we want. Prosperity and freedom work hand in hand. Your success is because you keep exercising your freedom here and because you improve the lives of others with your content. That said, when you set the standards to which others aspire to reach you need to learn to live with arrows in your back. I would like to take credit for that, but it was actually a fortune cookie I got once.

The fact that people use their time to throw shade is just the saddest part of it all.

@eveuncovered Your title catches my attention. Your content has liven up my day. I am actually tired to see those trending post about block chain and crypto whatever thing. I know people is crazy about that stuff. I have the privilege of being part of the Policy Makers on the fintech related thing but for some reason I am suffocated to see a lot of trending about that. For me it is simple, I love to see genuine writers who writes from their heart. I know steemit is a platform for a lot of possibilities but sometimes I need a fresh article to read and yours has made me smile. Thanks for that, keep on writing cool stuff. You look great in your picture! ^^

Thats right!

Tell it like it is!


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