Did You Pay For The View?

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When traveling abroad, have you ever booked your hotel online? Do you pay online as well? What are the things or amenities that you take into consideration before booking your hotel online?

Unless it's not our first time to visit the same place, we don't normally book the hotel room online. One, it's because we prefer to see what kind of room they're going to give us. It's important that it's cozy, have everything we need like a closet to hang our clothes in, a vault, free parking, free wi-fi, great breakfast are just a few to mention when we choose our hotel.


As you must have already guessed, the view is another thing so that's two. We like hotels that are far away from the city center because when on vacay we'd very much like to relax and not suffer from the city noise outside and surely, you'd also agree.


A hotel on the mountain could offer such a view. Breathtaking isn't it? Shall we have a cuppa while we stare at it?

Imagine having your breakfast some where in an open air garden resto with such a view, surely, your eyes would be full, too huh?


I have to admit, I had to put down the book I brought with me and stare at that human creation below. I normally finish any book I brought on our trips but not this time.


Sometimes, some dragonflies would join me up there. This honeybee, probably mistaking the ladybug for a drop of honey was really fun to watch. I just wished I caught it on video when it was trying to stick it's proboscis out to probably to taste it.


Whether it did mistake it for a drop of honey or it was just teasing it, I would never know. I did enjoy watching it hover on top of that overturned lady bug as if helping it to lie on it's tummy. It was quite a cute scene.

I've spent most of my mornings here, while I was staying in this hotel and though the nights were a bit chilly and trillions of bugs rule the pillars above me, I sat there in silence just enjoying the hours am allowed to behold it.


Though we were put in the chic - est of all rooms in this hotel, I couldn't help but ask my husband on our last morning here;

..."Honey, why do I feel like we paid for the view, too?"


Sometimes, I just can't help but feel that some hotels, bed and breakfast and other accommodation charge their clients, the view, too.

Is it just me or do you get that same feeling when you're travelling, too?


Tell me ... have you also ever felt like - you've paid for your hotel view, too? When and where? What made you feel that way? Spill?

This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my D Eye and some with my smartphones.

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The views are breathtaking! Have a great time there :D


hey! you've been missed around here!
am glad to see your comment on this one.
had I known such a view would lure you out I would have posted that earlier than any other else before it hahaha

thank you!
I did!
I'm no longer there!

Thank you for posting @englishtchrivy.

Lovely photographs.......yes most would pay for that view....would they not? ^__^

Some hotels give options for views...ie...swimming pool.....seaside.....moutain view....etc.....and let you know you are paying for the view....which is appreciated...afterall...what if one is there for an event and will never properly enjoy the view.

Enjoyed thinking on these things......hope to see a ladybird next time bleujay visits a hotel.

All the best mon ami.

A bientot.



hi ya mon ami

thank you

I love having beautiful views
and my hubby booked this one online
it did say - room with a lake view
but you know the lake view was almost around it
some rooms had just a mountain view
not really so attractive

we found out cause during the cleaning time, we could go inside the other rooms and take a peek
the staff were kind enough to ignore us haha
we're behaved anyway

as for the ladybug, not everyone appreciates insect on their terrace like you do

see you around

6 years ago a night in 5 star 'Montreux Lake View Apartments and Spa' in Switzerland. The name says it all.
It was very good and luxurious but for close to 350 Euros if I remember well, I wouldn't have expected anything less than a nice view (which it had to be honest).


oh 6 years ago sound like cheaper than now
I wonder what the view looked like there then
I won't really mind paying for the room but the view, should be free ain't it
besides, it already existed there
nobody owns a view - why sell it
unfortunately, seems to be so
I hope you had fun though


Remember having paid a part of that view of yours as well, hahaha.

I hope you save the ladybird.


I just flipped it
it was really cute, too haha

the buzzing fellow left it alone in the end
too weird for his taste probably :D


Poor little guy.

Very beautiful place. Lovely shot...my dear friend

Stunning views to check out really it was a great experience :D

What a breathtaking view! But yes, I think hotels charge for the view because they know that the guests like it and that they will pay for it. I have experienced it in several cities where the rooms on the higher floors with a good view over the city were usually more expensive than the rooms on the lower floors.


probably, no one likes seeing another wall of a building looking out of their hotel window anyway
You must be right about the top floors, we were on the top floor of this one in this city
but when we were in another city, we were on the 1st floor
the view was also majestic but just different

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