Colliding Whispers

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

Caressing touch upon my heart, colliding whispers in the dark
Fairytales in the night, wrap my heart in a ribbon of desire
I close my eyes just to hear your voice, it touches my thoughts without a choice
Whispers left upon my lips, catching my breath, I let out a sigh
I seek your embrace, all over again, to steady my presence, to slow me instead

The stillness in my heart, the shadow of night has touched my soul
As the sweetest of dreams gently kiss me goodnight.

Your loveliness will forever be engraved on my soul.

¸.♥´¸.•♥*¨) Let the sun shine in on your life
So the joy may touch your soul

(¸.•´♥ (¸.•´ ♥

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It is so passionate even the flowers share an embrace and a kiss.

Dang, almost tears. Bloody allergies I guess. Good one, Sunshine.

I have to give you 100% for that. ;)

Thanks for the encouraging remarks on my poetry. So hard to know what will work and what will fall flat. I appreciate the feedback and the upvote and resteem!

Thanks again!


Well I have never known any of yours to fall flat yet, Sunshine. I don't think it is possible because you just write what is already inside...

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In my understanding is sometimes a rupture between the text of your post (most of the time a poem) and the image used. Probably again I will disappoint you for my lack of sensitivity. The photo is very beautiful, as usual, it would fit very well at the macro contest. I would have liked to have such an image, maybe I would have broke the ice ... I always wondered if the poems were inspired by the personal experiences of the authors. For example, the greatest Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu, was a great lover, always in love. His love poems are wonderful!

I edited my comment after reading @old-guy-photos's comment. How beautiful he understood the link between poetry and photography! I have once again wrong, I ask for forgiveness.

There is nothing to forgive, Dan! Poetry and pictures alike are always open to interpretation. I do not feel the least bit bad.

I don't know which macro contest you speak of. (There are always so many contests! I always forget to join them)

Thank you, as always for peeking in here. I hope you have a most wonderful day!

Edited: As for the inspiration, I believe it is a fine mixture of present and past sometimes used at the same time. Embellishment would not be beneath me! :)

Thanks! Once again you have gone over a less pleasant comment. About that macro contest, is part of the most known photography contest by @juliank. Until now I posted there 114 times with no success(not for money but as a proof of good work...) After a week break, I started again today to post, I made 2 posts, you can find here if you want to remember about this contest: Post 1 and Post 2

Yes, for the inspiration is about a mixture of present and past. I agree, of course. That means you are referring to your own experiences, as is normal.

Ahhhhhh.....your killing me softly with these words cut it :)

Being in the company, to be together, to be close the one you like, the one you love, is very important, is the only real thing in this world...touch to feel the presence and being absolutely awesome!!!
Marvellous capture!
Much Love! :)

You are such a sweet man! Thank you so much for the words and thoughts! I am glad to see you around again. You have been missing! Or I don't get around enough. One of those.

It is so very nice to get comments from you. Always thoughtful and very encouraging.

Have a most wonderful day! @amitsharma

i think,today you share with us totally your mind say,i am agree with you..some time nature just touch our mind,breath,soul..

Thank you!

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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"I close my eyes just to hear your voice, it touches my thoughts without a choice." What a line! Your heart is so deep, I could drown! What more can I say?

What a sweet comment!! Thank you so much, Ging! @gingabida

I love the poetry. May I read it on my show Romance on the Air?
The Photograph also great!

Is this a show that is part of steemit? I would be honored for you give it a read. Thank you so much. When or where is the show?

Hi @dswigle, thank you. Yes it is on MSPwaves radio. It is every Sunday at 7 pm UTC. Here is a link to my show announcement.

Thank you, Hope!

Truly beautiful thoughts... So loveing and tender. What amazing photography to accompany the poem, too. hugs!

Thank you for the feedback, my queen of words.

That is high praise, coming from you. XOXO Have a fabulous Wednesday!

such tender words and sentiment which meld nicely with the photo

Thank you! Thank you! You make me feels so good when I read your comments! Have a great night, Jj and I hope you are feeling much better!

Can you believe it is going to be Memorial Day already this weekend?

Where has the winter gone??? LOL


yeah this year is racing by so fast isnt it

Today we had an end of winter cool day and tomorrow more like summer its been a crazy spring LOL

THAT is crazy. And sort of normal! I hope you will be doing something fun for the upcoming Memorial Day!

Well a couple of Doctors appointments on Friday, and then a quite relaxing weekend is all I have planned at this stage

Beautiful picture!!! and your new hair colour suits you perfectly, you're a beautiful woman!

Btw I think I am going to join my third time in a row in your lovely challenge!!
cheers @dswigle

Thank you! That is such a kind compliment! Also, I look forward to seeing you at #MarketFriday!

Wonderful and such an awesome post to read today this is beautiful

Thank you so much for visiting!

just as usual dear, wonderful pgotography, with amazing words. really happy to have you here.

Thank you so much for the very kind words and for the visit! It is always appreciated!

Hae a wonderful Wednesday!

Extra-ordinary photography on the flower and the sense of thought about the poem is indeed, specially whispering, eyes close and feel the shadow of night.

Oh, yes! For sure!


Thank you!

Words are very beautiful and really wonderful
Nice pic
Well done publishing

Thank you so much for the awesome comment!

Until i saw the yellow flowers, I didnt notice that the beautiful lines are about it...

It just taken my mind back to young old days where a whisper was enough to energize the whole day..Thanks for this nice post..

Have a good day and Stay blessed..

Thank you and thank you for the visit!

Beautiful flower ..... looks like sunshine.....

Thank you so much!

Wow... Lovely
So so pretty... You nailed it with my favorite color

Thank you!

awesome nature......much love

Thank you.

que bello me en canta tu post

Thank you so much!

Awesome post with an awesome photo mentioned. I would really like to ask about the camera/lens because I am planning to buy a new one soon! :)

I just loved it 👌♥️

Thank you.

It's my pleasure

Nice lines
And that click is awesome

Excellent post!

Thank you so much!

You put those words together very well, like magically connected one to each other! Love it my dear Denise!
P/s: the details in the petals of the laser cut! Congratulations excellent shot!

Such a gorgeous photo! Quite breathtaking!

This is amazing work from you dear thanks a lot for sharing.

Amazing blog post dear great work and thanks a lot for sharing.

Thank you for visiting.

These lines really stood out for me:

colliding whispers in the dark
wrap my heart in a ribbon of desire
it touches my thoughts
Whispers left upon my lips
I seek your embrace
As the sweetest of dreams gently kiss me goodnight.

Those lines are like a song running through my mind

Beautifully written and great photography! You are such a romantic! ❤️

Aww! Even the flowers are embracing! Lovely sentiment. Hard to read without tears coursing down my cheeks.

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