Taking needed Nature breaks in a busy Summer. The importance of Unplugging.

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I have been exceptionally busy this August, but I still found a few moments for the kayak


This images was actually snapped from a previous trip I did, as yesterday I left the bloody phone at home. Sometimes I just need to really unplug.

I still saw our lovely snowy egrets though, as this image from last year can attest.


In the little harbour next to us, the oyster fishermen have these traps set growing out oysters.

The birds love them as places to rest and from which to hunt.

We are lucky in our location on the sea and so I find it easier than most to hop in the kayak, which is always waiting for me on the beach.

Off to the right of our view is little harbour, a favourite spot to kayak as at high tide we can get into all the nooks and crannies spotting sea turtles and various fish.

When we turn back around and head more towards our beach you can see it open back up again, but with neighbours boats moored for the Summer.
A very different view in the bleakest of Winter when all the boats and most of the homes are put to bed for the season.

It's odd how a seasonal place can be so vastly different in a matter of a few weeks.

I am a bit of a magpie. I am always collecting up bits and bobs from the shore. It is not unusual to see the table littered with shells and things, drying out in the sun after a day out.

And thank goodness our heat wave broke a few days ago and we are appreciating more comfortable temps. Even @winstonalden could enjoy looking out to sea in a jumper.

Our sunsets are lovely too, but again this poor phone shot will have to suffice, as I was actually enjoying it rather than trying to preserve it for the interwebs.

We also have a view of the Cape Cod canal entrance so are witness to a variety of large ships going into the entrance. I always want to get a good shot of the crusie ships lit up at night, but alas my phone is not that great at night photography, so last night's shot here is, I promise you, a lovely lit up cruise ship slipping into the canal. It was the first time I had picked up my phone for most of the day, at it's end.

And thus in the tradition of the #sublimesunday posts I am sharing bits of my relaxing yesterday, but it would be a lie to say I spent the entire day at leisure.

Summer is a busy time for me.

I do a large chunk of my artworks during this season. I also have two little cottages that I rent out in the summer which is, in and of itself , a full time job. Yesterday saw me fighting the bridge traffic to attend to those as well as working on artwork in my studio.

One wonders if we are meant to curate a certain portrait of ourselves online.

Is it the thing to be shown one way, as a hard worker, or a struggling artist, or a layabout beach loafer, or a traveler? Who can say. I know that I am not one thing. I am all these things and more. I know that I have to work hard but I try to make my hard work things I can at least enjoy in part.

I also know how important relaxing and down time is for me.And I make sure I schedule a bit of that for myself each day.

On my daily list is always writ: "unplug for three hours".

Somedays it is harder than others, but for me it is important, because if we can have some down time (that is unplugged living in the real world time) then possibly our 'online life' might be improved? Who can say?

Here is to a portion of a day being lived 'pre-internet'. I hope you can find a moment to breathe and look out the window and day dream.

Imagine mobile phones don't exist, the computer is a giant thing with turning discs and punch cards and reading is done in books and for a moment, visit that unplugged time. I promise you will enjoy your stay, however brief.

If you like my work by all means upvote, resteem, and comment. I always appreciate comments.

And check out my other posts.

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Without the Internet, the world feels completely different. Life was not always in social networks, and now you start to doubt it.

Life is to be enjoyed; you are right about that. Today I walked aimlessly in Paris for 2 hours just for the fun of it. Love those zinnias!


Thank you, the zinnias turned out rather well this year, after a rough start with all our wind.

Oh, Paris, I haven't walked in Paris in years hopefully I shall again soon :)

Wow!!! I want to be where you are. Thos pics are so beautiful. It is so important to unplug from everything sometimes and just take some time to relax and enjoy nature. That's why I love being out on the water in the boat.


I always joke I'd love to have a little mini steem meeting here some day. One never knows.

I love the water, always have. It soothes and heals a soul. Even just sitting and staring at it for a bit is a great way to spend a day, in my book at least.

Seemed like a peaceful escape. It's always good for ourselves to take some fresh air, just to clear our heads up!


It is such an important activity for sure.

Ahhh, that does look relaxing. I love dabbling about in the backwaters, seeing what is messing around in the muck and warm waters. And unplugging is so necessary now and then. I like what you said, imagine back more than few years, when 99% of what we mess about with, wasn't even in existence yet. Glad I got to experience it myself. Simpler times, which is grand for simpler folk like mwahh. Or however it's spelled. It definitely helps you charge up the batteries of life, now and then. Hope your day is divine for a Monday.


Well, I'm reading this on a Tuesday and Monday was not divine but instead a day of hellish tech. My art programme was failing, I lost a bunch of progress on a piece and spend the day dealing with computers and such, so annoying, So I had to take even more of the rest of yesterday offline and out of tech to make up for it.

Maybe it was the tech Gods punishing me for a relaxing unplugged Sunday ;)


High Tech can drive us nuts, but you'll never be punished for being leisure and without it. We all need it now and then. For our sanity. I just backed up my big machine, after A YEAR. Yikes, talk about losing a lot if the gods of tech hate me.
It sure can drive you BATTY when the computer, etc don't work. I hate that. I don't want to mess with it, it's just a tool to get my work done, not a 'tinker till you're nuts' project. I know a lot of folks like that, but I think of it as a pair of pliers with an LCD screen.
Hope it works now, and keep on smilin', and working away on your wonderful art.

Lovely views. I always leave my iPad home when going to my sister’s cottage. It’s a 6 hr. drive and I usually stay at least 3 days. No internet there and it does let one recharge and enjoy nature without the addiction of checking all our devices. 😊


such an important thing to do, I think!

my sweet friend i miss you. What a beautiful sharing. full of fascinating photographs!
Congratulations. I liked reading and watching!


Oh @artizm so happy to see you back! I hope you had a good time away from Steemit and not bad.

I love kayaking as a way to unwind. Looks like you had a good trip. I have never kayaked on the sea, just lakes and rivers. I hope I can try the sea some day.