Beyond the politics: The beauty of Iran in photos

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There is an approval process for a visa, visitors must travel with a guide. Despite the U.S. State Department has issued numerous travel warnings there is no reason to ignore this deeply beautiful country.

Skiers are reflected in the goggles of another skiier at Dizin Ski Resort north of Tehran.

The Great Bazaar of Isfahan.

The Shah-e Cheragh Sanctuary in Shiraz.

Ardabil, Iran --- Dome Interior at the Mausoleum of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Arbabili

A man weaves silk on a handloom in Yazd.

Alpine touring skiers climbing the Haftanan in the Zagros Mountains.

Tilework at Nasir al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz--- Image by © Kazuyoshi Nomachi/Corbis

A view of Iran's southern coastline

A tea house in Kerman.

The Friday mosque in Esfahan, Iran

The Great Bazaar of Isfahan.

The Old Kurdish Village Of Palangan.

The Shah-e Cheragh Sanctuary in Shiraz.

The Persepolis ruins near Shiraz. Iran.

An interior of the Golestan Palace in Tehran.

The Sultan Mir Ahmad Bathhouse in Kashan .

An Iranian-Armenian choir sings religious songs during a week-end mass at the Saint Stepanos church in the Julfa neighborhood of Isfahan. Julfa neighbourhood is where the biggest Armenian community in Iran resides

A tourist takes pictures inside Vank Cathedral in Isfahan.

A relief sculpture of a sphinx on a balustrade of the Tripylon in Persepolis.

The anccient city of Bam.

Men in a hookah lounge in Esfahan, Iran.

A woman walks down the grand stairway of Persepolis.

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