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I've not posted quite that much in the last month, so here are two weeks worth of photos in a single post. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

A Nut and a Bolt (From the Railway Station)

A Tug Sailor

A Fragment of Fun

Chaos Dock 01

More Cats!

A Railroad Employee (Scanning the Arriving Tourists for Food)

Shh! It's the Sea!

I'm on a quest to obtain the incredible Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 and the excellent Fujifilm X-T2 camera. This is a duo made in heaven, especially for street photographers, such as myself.

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Some realy artistic photo's there.

Thank you! :)

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Haha, thank you!!! :)

I'm starting to see the beauty of using "black and white" in photography. You use it to the benefit of the subject. Kids in the water an example.

Ha! Glad you like it :)

This nut and bolt reminded me how we set up a ski lift (cableway) in the Carpathian Mountains. Thank you @dek,I have good memories of those times!

This is actually from one of the tall metal posts, holding the electric lines for the trains. I'm glad you like it - if you found meaning in it, then it was worth taking this shot :)

wonderful collection of pics , i like more the pic "A Fragment of Fun" and the first pic of cat it's look cute this sleeping cat.
thanks for sharing :)

I was trying to get the attention of the kitty, but it was so sleepy, it couldn't open its eyes for more than a second :)