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I saw this girl hanging for dear life, while her father was taking a video of her. On the first photo, you can see her about to fall down...


... only to just make it and then look for her father's reaction. I quite like this portrait - what do you think?


I'm on a quest to obtain the incredible Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 and the excellent Fujifilm X-T2 camera. This is a duo made in heaven, especially for street photographers, such as myself.

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That's quite the look in the second shot! Well captured!

It is an interesting expression, isn't it? Thank you :)

amazing shot!

Thanks! :)

Stunding photography. Upvoted already follow u

I appreciate it!

upvoted&followed, look at my photos :)

I certainly will!

Precious photos. Learning to ride a bike a big moment in life. Freedom and confidence all rolled into one.

Indeed! :)

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I really like the first one - she looks on the edge!